The Walking Dead

Larry L.

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The 'logic'(?) followed in that show has always been a mystery to me. E.g.: Just 'zackly' how is one supposed to 'kill' people who are already dead? :huh:

Scott Calabro

Tie score so far.

I'm thinking more people here are fans.

Next question, which weapon and why?

IMO...a silenced, heavy barreled 10/22, and the infamous Katana.


I'm thinking hundreds if not thousands of the spirits of brutally murdered schoolchildren throwing razor sharp rocks at the producers of such gratuitously violent desensitising slush movies.

That would be an appropriate weapon.

Larry L.

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Side bar: If the show's produces run out of zombies, the U.S. can supply some 500-odd replacements straight out of D.C. 'on the spot', so to speak...

Larry L.

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Actually that would be a nice twist in a future episode to see current or ex House, Senate or administration members do cameo appearances as zombies...great idea Larry I'll have to suggest that on the fan site :D

Would you like me to list THEE top 10...or is it too obvious?