Tips for a noob MIG welder

Hammers and dollies are polished so they don't transfer any nicks or high spots to the surface , I take a fine file and sandpaper to mine once and a while , its the same thing with the wheels on the English wheel. Are we being any help Doc?

Doc Watson

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Yes thanks all I will be firing up the welder this weekend, I have this...

Solar powered auto mask (need to check if batteries are replaceable) and leather gloves.

One of these...

and 0.6 and 0.8 mild steel wire, regulator, gloves and gas...

(93% Argon, 5% Carbon Dioxide, 2% Oxygen)

I had a chat with Yoda yesterday (Frank Catt) and he suggested starting with mild steel plate (I will use 2mm plate before trying 1mm plate) with one plate overlaying the other and welding the joint. I also will try fill welding where 3mm holes are punched in the top piece of metal and welded to the piece below it. Used where a spot welder cant get.

I will be getting a spot welder for the roof sections and some of the chassis also and then maybe get a tig welder and see if I can magic up a set of headers.

I'm in the process of setting up a welding area in the shed and have fire extinguisher and will also have a 30 minute 'fire guard' rule where I will stay in the work area to prevent any fires.

I also plan to test the welds to destruction and I've been told to check for the correct penetration when welding sheet steel. Once I have mastered this I will buy an air supply welders mask and tackle the zintec chassis.

Thanks again for the advice and I will let you all know how I get on.


In the owners manual R-Tech have guideline setting for the material type / thickness and joint type you're welding - butt, lap etc.... it really does make it fool proof setting up the machine

Good luck :)
Here’s one for you. I only just learnt it the other day.
I picked up an old Dawn 5” Offset Vice, which was manufactured pre 1980. Went to remove the bolts holding the jaws on, and predictably two were rusted solid.
formed up some copper into a ring to poke down into the counter bore, then build the weld up in the centre and weld a nut on the top once it’s proud.


Randy V

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yes, especially for bolts that snap off down the inside of a blind exhaust studs.
You can also drill a hole in a copper penny, place the penny over the broken stub, then a nut. Weld through the middle of the nut and then turn it out while still very hot. Sometimes helps to chill the broken part with WD40 and then turn it out.