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A another mini update. Finished fitting the front removable panel around the radiator pipes that gives access to the steering rack. I've installed aluminium rivnuts and the fit is really good. I plan to order the body this week which I am hoping will be ready by the spring

slowly, slowly

Goodbye GT40

Very sad day today. I have finally decided to sell my GT40, it's been a really difficult decision but I just don't seem to have the time and motivation at the moment. Also I've been struggling with back problems so can't seem to manage any long periods of time working on the car.

I'll be extremely sad to see it go as it's something I've built and would love to see it through but I think it's in a good position for someone else to take it on an finish it.

I understand your feeling specially with all that so good work you did until now !!
Waiting for spring time was not apossibility ??? may be things in your life have been changing of progressing to better situation ?

Thanks for the comments guys. I did look at several other options to keep the GT40 dream alive like getting someone else to finish the car for me but it just didn't make much financial sense.

It's been a really great experience doing the build so far and I've learnt a hell of a lot, got to know some great people along the way. Having owned an Aston Martin and a classic car over the last few years also swayed my decision. I didn't think I'd miss the Aston as much as I do so I might go back down that route again.
Trev, dude hang in there. You'll hate yourself in a few years. You know the desire will always be there and so what if it takes you 10 more years to finish it. A life time dream.... BUT, what ever you decide, you have done such a superb build anyone would be proud to have your work. Good luck
As you know , my build took the long road, and a few trips off along the way. I even had one period that was very depressing/frustrating and I thought I would sell it. All I can tell you is that it sometimes is a good thing to pull away for a while. I would hope you reconsider and pull a tarp over it for a short period of time. Then when the urge to try again emerges, it will be like seeing an old friend. I had hoped to finish mine in 1-2 years. Then my teenagers destroyed the "budget". So I worked on it when I could and when I had the money for nothing important. When I bought mine, it was in route from Australia during 9-11, and I am just now getting the interior finished this winter. I have had it drivable for 2 years now and even though I had to spend the last winter doing fiberglass repairs and repaint, it has been a blast and a true learning experience. I am sure you have given this serious thought, so do what is right for you, and keep us informed.

Hi all

Well the GT40 has finally gone to a new home and so ends my GT40 dream (for now at least). The new owner picked up the car at the weekend and is only down the road from me so I will hopefully keep you posted on how the build goes.

Thank you to everyone for your support and help during the build. I didn't quite achieve my goal but I had fun and learned a hell of a lot along the way.

Randy V

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Congratulations on the sale Trev.. And the next chapter is??

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