Transaxles of the rich & famous

Brian Kissel

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Does anyone have any details about the manufacturer of the transaxle used in the 2004 Bugatti EB Veyron???? All I can come up with is this " 16 cylinders, 4 turbos, 9.0 Liters producing 1001 HP, 950 lbs of torque, top speed is projected at 406 km/hr (252 mph) with a 7 speed gearbox with clutchless Formula one paddle shifting. Own one of the fastest cars in the world." It sounds like a transaxle made in a dream world. The transaxle is way overkill, but maybe they have other versions. At about a million four hundred thousand US,for the car, I don't think I'll be finding one in a salvage yard anytime soon.
I reckon you'll find a box on eBay or something like that pretty soon. Generally with the lifestyle of the rich and famous comes dumb and stupid, which will undoubtably end up with the priveleged few making mince meat of them... there is no justice in this world.