TT Ford GT powered Ultima


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Not mine and hard to imagine the need for TT but looks very nicely done. Boat load invested there I'm sure. Hard to believe there's a Ricardo stuffed in there too. Anyone know the car?

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The engineering needed just to get the engine, turbos and gearbox to fit must have cost a fortune. Nicely packaged (stuffed), although I wonder how it manages all the heat generated?

Terry Oxandale

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And with the intakes nestled next to the intake manifold. Perhaps the roof scoop air is directed downward onto the filters to reduce air temps.
I saw this car during building at Heffner's. It is very well engineered. I have an Ultima and drove it to Heffner's as they wanted to look at some details on a completed one. The customer wanted the Ford engine which considerably complicates the engine bay. The LS series is the normal in an Ultima and leaves good access around it. Can give that power as well.