TURKEY PAN for ROUSH 427IR 8x Stack injection


I currently have a Roush 427IR (8x stack injection) installed in my SPF GT40/P2193 and I really want to install a Turkey Pan on it.

I cannot remember where I found the following picture but it's exactly what I want to do.

Does anyone has a plan or a scheme with dimensions for this type of Turkey pan please ?

Thanks for your help.




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Hello OliveR,

I know, it is an old thread. Did you build a turkey pan?

Your pic shows an air box (see the filter element sitting on the wheel-bottom right corner) - TWM had it once on their webpage and you could also purchase from Roush.

If anybody is interested I should have some picture somewhere.

I too have a 427IR 8 stack setup like OliveR. I would also like to get a turkey pan setup like this. OliveR, did you ever find one? Does anyone have any leads?