using a Big Block vs Small Block

thanks for the info, I may mail you if that is okay to ask some further advice on engine options.
The block has been inspected, is a '67, still on standard bores but needs a 2 to 4 though hone to remove some slight tapering. Consequently I am after some oversize pistons, ideally 4 thou though rather than the next overbore size.
I'm not sure which heads it has, and there is no inlet manifold, so I need to sort these (thinking alloy heads), as well as a cam as I have no idea which one it currently has (it has hydraulic lifters but is definitely drilled as a side oiler, like the 68 blocks I guess).
All advice gratefully received with where to get these /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

I know what you mean with regards to selling the block/crank/etc and going with a lightweight alloy job. That may be an option and is something I have considered.

I'm also VERY interested to hear a price for that T44. I'll mail you tomorrow (Monday) from my work account so we can discuss this too.

p.s. as you say it seems BB engine users seems to be a bit thin on the ground. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
You Need to call Loid a RBT They tooled up the ZF for the Ford gt project and provided the first tranys for the gt Then ford decided they were to expensive. The drag race info and most of the performance data was taken whit the ZF. The older box is not as strong as the new generation ZF
John! I have 2 LG boxes, one LG500 and one LG600 and some spares for them. I´m building a MK1 and also a MK2 Monocoqoe. The ZF is intended for the MK1 with a 289 and 4x 48 IDA. Also building an aluminium chassie with the LG500 and a FE "Farm.. with Le-mans cam and 4x 48 IDA".
All parts for chassies is made and the LG600 will be put together with the 427 Le- Mans engine. As discussion on the forum I agree totally about the FE is a heavy one and that there are better solutions BUT we are talking of historic racing cars and I try to build the way it was in the 60´s.
None of the LG is for sale but some adds pops up now and then so it is just to start the hunt.
I think one of the best thing with building from scratch is to be able to chose and the challange to chase the parts.
Well if you run that pond block, and a stroker crank....even w/ a 428 stroke crank and stock block, you get a ~450Ci or you could run a 4.25" stroke crank, and the pond block and have a 496ci. And w/ the better flowing heads of the FE's, expecially after a port job on some allum. Ebrock heads, You can't tell me that wouldn't make enough power.
This thread is a little old.

I have brought a set of Shelby heads (stage 2 ported) and inlet manifold (also ported, top and bottom), with a 780 double pumper on top. Heads are also using Shelby roller rockers.
It will be running a crower cam, lifters, and pushrods, JE +.020 pistons, and Eagle H beam rods.
It is dry sumped too.

Just need to get some headers sorted now :cool:
John, I have a sideoiler with a zf in my superformance gt 40. The zf is a new box from rbt and my engine puts out 568 h.p. and I have 1,050 miles on my car and I do not baby it, I have hammered the zf a few times and have had no problems so far. I understand the new ZF boxes are considerably stronger than the old ones but they do cost $9,000.00
I have 4 small block strokers in other ford products and I love them however I have absolutly no second thoughts about choosing a fe as that is what it came with in 1966. I know that building and fe cost's a little more but I suspect haveing a sideoiler in it will be worth a lot more should you ever sell it.
jerry gr402124
Cheers Jerry.
Mine is a dash 2 box, and has been flipped & rebuilt by a ZF expert in the UK.
Having spoken with him, and now your post, i'm confident it will be okay, just as long as I don't go 24 hour racing :)

Where did you get your headers & pipes from ?
Were they supplied by Superformance, or somewhere else ?
Are they as original ?

John, The headers were supplied by superformance & I assume built by them. As far as originality is concerned I am not and expert however as many people who are experts have testified the rest of the car is very close to the original so I would expect the headers are also.
Jerry gt40p2124
I realise this is a very old thread, but do Bune or any others know if Goran has made further progress on the 'Alloy' tub /FE-LG500 car he mentioned in post # 24 above, purely inquisitive interest on my part, PM me if your shy!!:)