Verifying GaryKoh's one purchase of #1029 for one dollar

Looking back on this site I found a 10-year old postingr by DeTomaso authority Mike Drew about Gary Koh's one time car, 1029
I quote the posting:
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P/1063 is shockingly original, I think. It served its early life as a PR car for Ford, touring dealerships. It was then shoved into a corner of a Ford warehouse and forgotten for years.

Ford was having a big clear-up and the car was slated to be crushed; the manager of the collection made an appeal to Ford, and was allowed to buy the car for himself.

From what I've been told, he was forced to pay ONE dollar for it.

He later sold it to its current owner, for a bit more than that. It is now loved and driven occasionally, but still has very low miles (I think when it left Ford it had less than 2000 miles on the clock). I think it's one of the few genuine GT40s that isn't owned by a gazillionare, but instead by a regular Joe car guy. I don't know that for a fact; that's just what I've heard.

Bill Muserra knows him and started a detailed thread on the car several years ago, which you can see here:

1966 GT40 Road Car
Mike Drew, Vacaville, CA
Since ten years have elapsed since that posting I wonder if any more GT fans recall hearing that from Gary or from former Ford employees. I recall he also bought a 427 Cobra for the same travelling road show from an eccentric tobacco millionaire (Reynolds). The Ford GT had been in a fire, probably no more than a scorched rear decklid as what happens when Webers backfire. I tried to call Gary at his model car,train and boat store but didn't hear back.

That is the story I was told although Gary's company at the time did marketing for Ford Motorsports, etc. and the price may have been tied to some additional consideration so as to provide benefits for both FoMoCo and Gary.


I had the pleasure of working on some cars that Gary's company was creating for Ford. Once when visiting his shop we got to sit in the Gt40 that he had in the corner. He told us Ford had it in a warehouse and sold it to him to keep Ford employees from fighting over it.The car had Goodyear Arriva's that had been thrashed. Besides building some of his show car projects we also conveyed some of the cars to various shows around the country. The car looked much better than the buried Salt Walther car I witnessed in Dayton Ohio.


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Those pictures are your car. He must have gotten it shortly before we started doing some work for him. We were thrilled to just sit in it.

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So, guys, 1063 is a MkIII? For some reason I thought the door windows were different on the a wind-wing window?

Admittedly I am not highly knowlegable about the originals, so please set me straight regarding mistakes and inaccurate impressions.


It's a Mk I road car, rather than a Mk III. Some number (29 maybe, I can't remember?) of Mk 1 cars were built for use on the street rather than as pure race cars. They had wire wheels, more road-oriented seats, a slightly different dash configuration, and an ashtray on the center console. :laugh:

I think the retail price was on the order of $15K, or about 4x the cost of a Mustang? Somebody correct me if I'm wrong....
Barry has dine a great restoration of 1063, compared to the photos of it back in the late 60s and early 7os. Here are a few pics of the car just after getting a new paint job. It took several of us to get it back together. I felt the hardest part was resetting the Dzus fasteners(see first photo) and tuning the webers. A lot of fun and comradery.



And Now:




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I am a bit befuddled with your post. This thread is about 1063. What is the purpose of posting this sheet here??
Will post the paint color later.


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It looks great inside Barry... Any way to get some pictures outside in the sunshine?

Doug S.

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The paint code as per my painter/fibreglass man Barkley Smith (Royston, Ga.) is
2635 Navastar fleet color crimson red

That is an ABSOLUTELY gorgeous red...thanks for sharing!


I appreciate the specifics on the paint code. The color is very similar to a red I mixed up years ago. I will get a sample with your code and compare.