VIDEO: GT/108 at Willow Springs (Jan 2015)

Enjoy this video by Roads & Rides of the GT40 roadster prototype GT/108 being driven at Willow Springs raceway.



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Another roadster driven with a little more anger

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Charlie Farley

Now you know why you guys in the US need to come to the Classic Le Mans next year. At night, the racing is even more spectacular..
The Le Mans Classic vid is very good, obviously very wet and slippery with lots of wheelspin. Note the non-functioning speedo, it would have been interesting to see what speeds the guy was reaching.



The Cobra 289 was doing a pretty good job of keeping up. On the Mulsanne he definitely dropped back. I think the aerodynamics on those (even with the funny top) was such that they didn't go much past 155-160 so I'm guessing the GT40's were topping out somewhere well past that.
I was impressed with the Cobras ability to get power to ground out of slower corners, but would suggest that there is a lot of difference in tires/compounds used from car to car at this event, 108 did not impress so much, throttle/clutch coordination at shift points and trailing throttle/engine braking rather than using brakes could lead to problems in an actual 24 hr stint