What Transaxle in your GT40?

What Transaxle is in your replica?

  • ZF / RBT

    Votes: 94 23.9%
  • Audi 016 ad similar, 5 speeds

    Votes: 60 15.2%
  • Audi 01E and similar, 6 speeds

    Votes: 34 8.6%
  • Porsche G50 and similar, 5 speeds

    Votes: 52 13.2%
  • Porsche 930, 4 speed

    Votes: 18 4.6%
  • Porsche 915 and similar

    Votes: 5 1.3%
  • Renault UN1 or 369

    Votes: 78 19.8%
  • ZFQ from Quaife

    Votes: 21 5.3%
  • Ricardo

    Votes: 10 2.5%
  • Other not listed

    Votes: 22 5.6%

  • Total voters

Alan Watkins

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....IMHO A 1000Hp GT40 is a complete waste of a really cool car. But then that's just me.]....what would you DO with a 18 inch [email protected]#% ....
Talk about it on the internet?

I know of exactly one person who has a reason to own such an over-powered GT40, and that's Lance Stander, who uses it to "motivate" people to buy. In that application a tire is just a special form of smoke generator. It does make an impression....
Zzzzz.... what!? Did somebody say T44??? :laugh:

Jac -- What did you see that is a far cry? Got photos?
The photos I saw had Jericos straight cut gears & dog engagement, perhaps not what you or others would want for street use in terms of noise or shift quality, that doesnt preclude them actually making the transaxle in synchro version as it should only require a change in a couple of dimensions with regard to shaft dias & shift ring travel to accomodate the synchro hub assy's. The 'real' cost contributor of the T44 would appear to be the Weissman LSD unit & its size which has few alternatives available out in the real world. Jim Holden has posted pics in the past of the housings 'stacked up like cordwood' along with the comment that the market was not strong enough to support a production run at that time, not sure what to take from that comment.:)
Yes , I 'had' photos, but have yet to find someone that can 'refind' them from my old computer, sadly one of several things that is beyond my abilities:)
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My CAV #40 has the Getrag 016. I'm currently investigating a way to lower rpms at highway speeds. Would be interested in hearing about any gear changes people have done to this box.
The 930 is frequently overlooked in favor of a five speed.
It is very strong, the gearing is a fair match for a V-8 hunk and
it cost less than a comparable 5 or 6 speed.