Windshield interchange

Does anyone know if an RCR windshield will work on a Tornado (which I think is the same dimension I need for my car)?

My windshield broke when I was moving and I need a replacement. Since RCR sells a fair amount of cars, I'd like to get one of theirs and ship it with someone who is buying, relatively, close to where I am (Dallas area) so shipping wouldn't be cost prohibitive.

Randy V

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The spider for the RCR Mark1 is supposed to be a perfect match to the original GT40 MK1. Not sure if the Tornado is also a perfect match as well. Andy may chime in.
Thanks Randy. I have a GtForte spider which I'm pretty sure it's almost exactly the same dimension wise as the Tornado. I agree the RCR is supposed to be spot on.

Charlie Farley

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Just as an uninterested party as I am this side of the pond.
Be very careful with your selection. There were even two different
bucks for the originals. Three if you include the spyder.
I know this because I own two original different bucks that Triplex,
now Pilkington, reproduce under my licence.
There are big differences, both in curvature and fit, between the
'original' screen and replica versions.
Indeed they also vary between Abbey & Tennant chassis.
I went through a very time consuming exercise when someone
claiming to own an original chassis asked me to supply a screen
for an original car and then claimed it didn't fit. It turned out
his ego wouldn't allow him to tell me the truth at the beginning
and admit he had a Sabarro replica, which in many minds is meant
to be exact copy of an original.
Best of luck.
Talked to a guy who has two versions. Seems curvature is the biggest issue. The original having about 6" but most replicas having more like 5.5.

Dave Hood

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I hope the windshields from RCR are less expensive than the ones from Superformance. I had to change mine last year. Ouch.
Thanks Ian! I thought was was a cross reference chart somewhere. The thing is, based on what Andy was saying, I think the chart may need an update?

Here is what I could gather based on the chart and what was mentioned.

All same:

I'll go with one of those most likely from Dan after I verify things against Dr. Bob's Tornado just to be certain!

Ian Anderson

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I know for a fact that the GTD and Tornado screens are different, or were different in 2005/2006 when my car was in build.

How do I know? It was at Paul's who has a Tornado. 2 makes and 2 different screens .

Tried each screen in each hole and there were differences.
See post 13

I am also aware Paul cracked his windscreen, stone chip thing and had to replace with GTD the fit is not perfect.

Here is what I could gather based on the chart and what was mentioned.

All same:
ERA does not belong on this list. The ERA body was pulled from an original GT40. The list above (minus the ERA)all stem from the KVA original replica.
Hi Darrin

Sorry, late to the party. I am building a replica as well, so also have the issues of windscreens.
As I understand it the originals had a pressed or hand formed steel roof section and therefore have considerably different “A pillars” to those that are on fibre glass reproductions as found on many of the replicas. I am unsure of how the roof sections for the ERA, RCR and Pace have been made. These are all fibre glass reproductions if what I have read is correct, so I expect that there is some differences between the original steel shape. Ie considerably thicker A pillars to get the required strength in the fibre glass. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they use a KVA roof section or profiles that are similar and this has been massaged into the rest of the body lines. I will probably be in trouble for writing that, I want to help but not sure how I can being so far from your location. I feel anything I say may get me in more trouble rather than actually help you. Maybe get in contact with Jason and see if he ever had a roaring forties screen in his RF? That may give you an indication.

I have seen some photos of two different screens laid on top of each other. One supposedly to fit an original car that was in Australia and the other to fit the fibreglass versions. The differences are minor, at most 10mm difference, and would be easy to account for prior to paint, but difficult after paint. I know where the photos were taken as well so know the source of the screens.

I have some photos on my face book page of one of the screens that I have sourced in my roof section. I believe that my roof section could possibly be traced back to the KAV origins. It certainly has some of the characteristics.

The screen that I have is from a company out of china. As I understand it, they have procured a lot of the moulds from the former PGI industries in Queensland.

The screen I have is damaged and the rear screen has a silly blue strip across the top. I am on the hunt for some screens in Australia.

Good luck.

Regards Ryan
Ryan L,

Any luck in sourcing a windscreen in OZ.?

Old-Skool has these ones below and I believe Windscreens O'Brien can also supply one, not sure of their fitment:-

GT40 Sports Front Screen (SKU:FD599-B12) $529.00 (GST Incl) available ex stock

GT40 Sports Rear Screen (SKU:FD599R-J1) $524.00 (GST Incl) available ex stock

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Have been away from the forum for some time now. For those who follow me on this grand adventure the car is doing great. I am toying with a major revision on the car. To be discussed later on "IF" it becomes a reality.About the windscreen issue. Some of you know that i have for one reason or another have gone through about 4 replacements. You read that right. I found out through my adventure that there are several curvatures of the screen. Dan supplied me with three of the four which were not good fits) and one of our members supplied a "second" screen. The variations of the screens, from one point being out of alignment to several over an inch. With this last replacement I could not get in touch with Dan so I ventured out to find another suitable replacement.
My journey carried me to every manufacturer of GT 40s. Pretty much involved a world wide search, as I was tired of trying to correct these"minor" differences. Only a good eye from another 40 owner would have spotted the differences or rather the imperfections of the replacements. The answer for me came from a happenstance conversation with my son. The one who in his younger days during the build wanted to help me out and learn about the process(he never made it to the basement during the build). He is now a college grad with a family of his own and working in the chemical supply industry. He mentioned that one of the people he worked with and supplied with product was in the glass business. I explained that the curvature of the glass was the major problem. He went on to tell me that this guy supplied screens for boats of all description and even supplied the curved glass that you see in high end display cases and even the curved widows that are seen on cylindrical hotels. So I gave this guy a call and we talked at length about my problem. After talking about an hour on the phone he came to tell me he had a screen "Buck" for a GT 40. I argued the point of it being a GT40 but he said he still had it somewhere in his shop, and it probably would take a little tweaking to get it to fit.The process is quite involved taking several days to put regular glass in the oven and heating and cooling in the buck.Then the trial fitting and noting what adjustments and then redoing the same again and again if necessary. Once the final fit is correct the laminating process is done pretty much like the trial pieces. Of course he would have to have the car there in order to do it. We settled on a price and the car was delivered. The process would take probably no more than 2 weeks.
Well two months later we finally had a screen. The interesting part is that they don't install the screens. A liability issue. When I arrived to pick everything up, we fitted the screen to the car and it was perfect. So it was bubble wrapped and with swimming noodles around the edges, put in the truck for the trip home.
A couple of weeks later my daughter was visiting. She wanted to see the car and asked to help me put the screen in. We did and it fit perfectly.
Now this is not exactly for everyone to undertake, but if you are having issues with finding the right screen, this may be an avenue for you.
Cost is an issue in a way. But considering that this is probably the only time you will do this, it might be an alternative. So after this guy gave me the price I argued with him a bit but figured I would pay a bunch for the shipping of another brand of glass and it still might not fit properly, which meant I might have to go through that a second or even third time with no guarantees it would be a match for my car,,,,, I bit the bullet and did it. Was it worth it? You would have to decide for yourself.
What was good for me is that after we decided on the price, it was a guarantee. Ron didn't charge me for the many times he had to redo the tweaking process to get it right, with both the regular glass or the laminated glass. So I think I got a bargain. Oh yeah, the price. The final cost was $1000. Do you think it was a bargain??? Even after you consider the trouble that is involved in finding a screen and hoping it will fit and what I would pay 2 or 3 times to "try" and find a suitable replacement if it didn't, and the trouble of trying to "make it fit" if it didn't. You decide. Ron and his son were great to work with and kept me informed. No complaining just true craftsmen who took a little longer than expected. Their contact info is:

Desman Corp.
5575 Dobbins Bridge Road
Anderson SC. 29626

Ronald A Lubsen President
Phone: 864-225-2580
Fax: 864-225-2526
Mobile: 864-934-0075


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You got a great deal for a custom piece and perfect fit. When you consider a new late model Corvette windshield is upwards of $600, it sounds pretty good.

One question, did you consider custom Lexan windows? A number of race shops provide them.