1. weisserheilbronn

    Recommendation valve cover gasket

    Hello all, Does anybody have a good recommendation for valve cover gaskets? Setup: 302 with AFR heads and repro cast aluminum Gurney Weslake valve covers With regular cork gaskets I'm not lucky. Markus
  2. brettmcc

    GTD Passenger Water Pipe Cover

    Does anyone know where I can get the template or a copy of the cover piece that the GTDs had for the water pipes in the passenger foot well please? I need to do mine and I think it would be easier to install or modify. Thanks in advance Brett
  3. M

    Why did I do this?

    I recall seeing a bunch of pictures at different times of uses for the compartment immediately behind the driver in the "sponsom" (if the is the correct word). And some discussions on what was done with that space. I had made some notes, and found a cover and cut a hole and having some time...
  4. M

    Original GT40 Mk II Heads?

    Had oil blowing out the valve cover gaskets on my Contemporary Cobra on to #5 and #1 plugs. So, I decided to clean the mess up, and replaced the valve cover gaskets on both sides. I had been told by the person who sold me the Cobra that his father, a racer, had bought the motor (have receipt)...
  5. D

    Fortyfication 114

    Hi, After reading the most recent copy of Fortyfication, I nowhere could find an explanation of the cover picture. I haven't seen it before and I am still wondering....!
  6. Doc Watson

    ZF rear cover nut torque

    After receiving my zf -0, I filled it will oil and every week I spin it for about 2 minutes to ensure the oil is moved around the internals. According to Paul Flemming they can 'rust up' if left dry for a period of time. The box was inspected cleaned and new seals were installed by Paul. I...
  7. I

    SLC Build Manual Cover

    I'm just one of those people that works better with a hard copy of a manual to reference, so I took the time to make a Word document of the entire build manual. I organized it, added a footer with page numbers as well as an index for easy referencing. When I punched the holes and put in a...
  8. PeteB

    Car Cover recommendations

    Anyone buy a car cover for your SLC? What did you get?
  9. F

    Wheel Bearing Adjustment Tool

    I have a wheel bearing adjustment tool laying around my garage but no SPF to use it on... would be happy to get it to someone that could use it. It is new and never used. If interested just cover shipping and I will send it to you. Thanks Kevin
  10. Ron Earp

    I figured maybe I should make a post down this way since I have a feeling some regulars here don't know the SLC subforum exists as part of Anyhow, there is a fund drive going on to support the site software overhaul. We've got just enough collected to cover the licences and...