And now,, Chuck Berry..


RIP. Thanks for the music mate...

Geez, they're all popping off, still he was 94 - a great innings...

Bob Jones

Saw him in Southport about thirty years ago. Apparently he flew over with a suitcase and guitar and just toured the country by taxi and public transport. Each venue had to book some musicians "who could play Chuck Berry"! No rehearsal just got there and played. Tell you what, it was a great night. We ended up on stage dancing beside him.

Larry L.

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...still he was 94...
'Been reported over here he was 90....'supposedly born Oct. 18th, 1926.(?) Not that the 'specifics' really matter. He's still just as dead.

'Seems the true "biggies" have begun to drop like flies over the past couple of years... :worried:

Doug S.

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Glad to see that David is mellowing out a bit in his retirement!

Cheers, David! It's always good to see your name on the "New Posts" shortcut.

Over here across the pond Chuck was a revered pioneer of R&R...he was a bit of a renegade and that was obvious in the way he managed his "career", but his early contributions are hard to dispute. IIRC, even the Beatles seemed to honor him by doing some of his songs. He's not been as active lately as before, but his work is well known by most of us music aficionados.

Like Keith, I have not heard about any child predation...but that is not the sort of thing that would be freely publicized. Over here we have a lot of laws protecting "privacy", although almost anyone convicted of a sexually based crime is required to register as a "sex offender" and those registrations can be viewed by the public (not that all of them who are "required" to register do so... :thumbsdown: .)

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Perfectly true Doug. Chuck Berry, along with Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Bo Diddley (now they DO sound like sex offenders lol) and Elmore James inspired many British bands of the '60's...

Soon, there'll be nothing left 'cept a few old scratched records, 'cos it ain't bein' dun no mo'.... oh yeah.....