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    Auction: J12

    Gooding has J12 up for auction in March at Amelia Island. 1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV | Gooding & Company 1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV The Last of 12 GT40 Mk IV Chassis Built Chassis: J12
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    New Member

    Hello My name is Mark Simpson, I have recently purchased an unfinished Tornado project and will be starting the build when the weather improves and I can find a home the Lotus that is already in my garage. I have already spent many hours perusing this forum which has proved a valuable source of...
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    Gt40 project

    Looking for gt40 or lola t70 project or completed car. Any car of interest!
  4. W

    Gt40 design engineer

    A close friend of mine is one of the original design engineers for the ford gt40 program. He and his wife were over for dinner.. He spent time reflecting on his work at ford motor company and with chrysler. Some very interesting stories. He worked under roy lunn who has just passed away. It is...
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    Regards from Holland

    Hi all, I am JP, 47 years old and just bought a KVA project. Doing Ford Capri's for years ( resto, modification & tuning ) and owning 8 of them ( and some more Ford stuff). I am a part time truck driver and the other time I work in my own shop. My wife always wanted a GT40 and we where...
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    P 1000 w

    I saw this GT40 for the Dix Mille Tours du Castellet , its chassis number is P / 1000 W, do you have an explanation for the W ? Peter Auto - Dix Mille Tours du Castellet
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    New French member !

    Hi guys ! I'm new here, I would love to build an RCR 40 so I think I'm in the right place to talk about GT40 :D See you
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    Jim Pace - two laps in a 1966 GT40 MKII onboard at VIR

    Nice onboard with Jim Pace narrating two laps in a 1966 GT40 MKII onboard at VIR. Jim Pace narrates two laps in a 1966 GT40 MKII onboard at VIR - YouTube
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    Gurney Weslake Valve Covers

    I have a pair of unused reproduced Gurney Weslakevalve covers that I originally bought for my CAV GT40. I got an offer I could not refuse for my GT40 and sold the car, but with the original "Ford Racing" covers on the 350. Selling these really cheap: $100 for the pair plus postage or ground...
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    Gt40 p/2000

    HELLO I am French and excuse my English I use a translator, about a year ago I had to buy the GT40 Superformance of Dave Hood and at the time of finalizing the transaction he decided to no longer sell it, I understand it better now that I have mine, I quickly found a replacement Superformance...
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    Bundle of snakes dimensions

    Does anyone know where I can find dimensions and angles to build a set of 180 degree headers for a GT40?
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    Book for sale: GT40 Trevor Legate, Revised Edition

    Book for sale: GT40 Trevor Legate, Revised Edition - REDUCED Now Sold - Thank you Fred
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    Lucas 608 GT40 Mirror

    Got my new windshield in a couple weeks ago and found this Lucas 608 GT40 Rearview Mirror on Ebay. Turned out great.
  14. L

    cable shifter sacc restoration

    has anyone any experience with this company or their cable shifter setup for a gt40 1200.00 out the door trans adapter, cable and shifter for an ERA car zftrans lloyd
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    Hello from Nottingham

    Hi All, Just to introduce myself, hopefully I will be around for a long time. I have owned another legend car for the last ten years, a 1987 BMW E30 M3. I love it, it may not be the quickest thing around but it delivers fun by the bucket load, either fast road use or the occasional track...
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    Newbie from Maine

    Hello. I'm new to this. I've been a Jaguar person all my life - still am - but I lived in France in 1965 when Ford kicked Ferrari's ass at Le Mans and fell in love with the achingly beautiful lines of the car. Now retired, I'm torn between a Cobra, a Le Mans Cobra or a GT40. Now: before I get...
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    RCR GT40 on "Ride With Norman Reedus "

    Did anyone catch the killer white RCR GT40 on the episode last night?? Looked amazing! | Ron
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    Hello from Italy

    Hi all, I'm following this forum from some years and just this summer I started to work to my own GT40 scratch build project (after one year spent in planning). It will be a quite long project and I hope to have a lot of fun. For the moment I'm still in the early construction stage for the...
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    Classic & Sportscar Show NEC Birmingham 10-12 November

    I wish to remind everyone that the ladies and gentlemen of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club have managed to secure GT40P/1019 and P/1042 for the show this weekend, along with two newer Ford GTs and a couple of the best GT40 replicas around. It would be a shame to miss the spectacle, and you are...
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    Haynes GT40 manual

    Hi Guys, I've mentioned this elsewhere on the site ....... but in case you miss it ...... the book shop 'The Works' in Great Yarmouth has the Haynes GT40 Owners' Workshop Manual on sale for a stunningly low £6. Maybe other branches have stock as well. I imagine that once they're gone that will...