1. B

    A bit of art

    It's taken me a while, but I have finally done a painting of a GT40. This is "1016 at Dusk".
  2. P

    My last build.. RCR-GT40 or RCR-GT...California LA

    Hi everyone.... Spent the last 15 years on the Jeep and Corvette forums.. My sons and I race corvettes and the Baja 500.. We race dirt bikes as well:-) Anyway, we have 6 corvettes we race, but the one I always race in the the oldest one. My favorite and first corvette.. my 1979...
  3. G

    Looking for T70 or GT40 project

    Looking for T70 or GT40 project in the US Preferable an unfinished car or incomplete kit Please send info to Grayleepool at I’m in Los Angeles California Thanks
  4. B

    Highest horsepower gt40?

    Anyone know who has the highest horsepower gt40? Got some questions for them. Thanks all
  5. S

    Looking for a part completed GT40 Project

    Any stalled Tornado or GTD builds out there? I'm in the UK Please feel free to drop me a PM. Thank you Simon
  6. B

    Gt40 parts ??!!

    Hello i am looking for a supplier serious for gt40 parts : door handles and later a windshield (windscreen ? ) for KVA gt40. Do you know someone please ? Thanks
  7. V

    fuel tank vents

    I noticed in a picture of Graham Hill standing beside a GT40 with the front clip open and next to the off side filler cap is a small object which I had not seen before so I looked in the book Ford GT40 Production and Racing History individual chassis record by Trevor Legate and in the exploded...
  8. Pete

    DRB GT40 for sale. ***SOLD***

    This car is unique as it was built by the DRB factory. Motor Ford Windsor 5.75 litre V8, 8 throttle body EFI system. ECU Autronic SM2 Gearbox Porsche G50 with 0.79: 1. 5th gear. Clutch Porsche Turbo 930. Suspension front Corvette Forged Alloy A Arms and uprights. Rear Custom GT 40 Replica AVO...
  9. G

    GT40 Trailer Unload

    Bought a new Mission all aluminum trailer for my GT40 and took the car to the Texas Cobra Club Spring Meet/Event in San Marco, Texas. Running the Texas Hill Country with 135 Cobras was a blast for 4 days. Here is a video unloading my GT40 at the event. Unloading GT40 at Texas Cobra Club Meet...
  10. A

    FORD GT40 GELSCOE 1969 specs

    FORD GT40 Gelscoe chassis Gel W003 This GT40 was professionally built in England by renowned company Gelscoe Motorsport in 2010 and raced in the master Historic Championship until the end of 2014. This incredible GT40 was built as a tool room "clone" of the famous GT40 chassis P/1076 and...
  11. J

    '40 Bra

    does anyone know who makes a bra for a GT40?
  12. C

    Hello from Thunder Bay

    Hello, i am the new guy from Thunder Bay, ON, Canada with a 1967 Fiberfab Avenger GT-12 built on a EMPI modified 1960 VW chassis with a twin carb, dual port 1600cc engine! I know, I know, it's only a look alike GT40, an old kit car; but, it's all I have and it means a lot to me.
  13. L

    Hello from Mississippi

    Hello Everyone! I'm exited to begin my adventure building a RCR GT40. I'm very fortunate to get the car from RCR. The original owner was having it built turn-key when he had back surgery and can no longer get into low profile cars. Fran says much has been done to make it period correct...
  14. KENS80V

    FS USA RCR GT40 wiper kit "It's a Snap" (new)

    This is a brand new "It's a Snap" wiper kit that was sold for use in RCR GT40 cars. Price is in US Funds ($150 shipped).
  15. W

    New cav dealer

    We have a new cav dealer in new jersey. He will be an asset to the gt40 community.
  16. D

    Brm gt40 6 pin wheels f 9.5 / r 12 15in

    Brm gt40 6 pin wheels front 9.5wide / rear 12wide 15in Brm style wheel not sure of the mfg, for my era gt40 6 pin 15 inch 12 inch rear and 9.5 inch front polished outer lip and light gray center. If tires were on them it could not have been long look new and perfect.$2100 PRICE DROP3/13/18...
  17. T

    CSX 2075 and P-1080

    Hi Gt40 Forum! I would like to introduce myself. I am Tom from Munich, Germany, proud owner of Gary Kadrmas Cobra CSX 2075 and like him my dream car is a GT40. I had a big eye on #P-1080 about two years ago but my wallet was (and at the moment still is) too small. But now owning CSX 2075 I hope...
  18. MHNCO

    IBM Cloud

    Pretty cool GT40 slot cars <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  19. L

    GT40 Chassis starting point

    Hi all, I tried to search to see if this question has every been asked before and could not find it. My question is this; What production car chassis (if any) most approximates the needed specifications of a ford GT or ford GT40 chassis? Specifically, the windshield, leg room, dash...
  20. B

    Auction: J12

    Gooding has J12 up for auction in March at Amelia Island. 1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV | Gooding & Company 1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV The Last of 12 GT40 Mk IV Chassis Built Chassis: J12