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    Informative Mirage Automotive - John Wyre Link

    Mirage Automotive - John Wyre parts listing Found this link, not sure if it has been posted here before, but if not then it may be interesting for those of us that have not seen it before. Enjoy
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    Mirage Automotive - 2nd August

    I've had a considerable amount of interest in our visit to Mirage Automotive in Poole at 10:30 on Sunday 2nd August 2009. You'll recall Ray & Steve are recreating those magnificent monocoques and welcome all interested parties. As we're planning to have a meal later, I've got a venue in mind...
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    GT40 car titles!!

    Hi, I am looking for GT40 car titles. I am from Czech republic and there is no way to get them. My Tornado TS40 could be seen here: Klasické sportovní vozy 60tých a 70tých let - Cobra, Ford GT40, Triumph TR6, Jaguar E-type Thx for your help Jan Wertheim
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    Flying out to DTW and RCR

    My wife and I are leaving PDX in a hour and flying to Detroit to see the RCR facility and our RCR40 that Fran & Crew have been building for us. I didn't sleep too well last night as you can imagine. For those of you that don't know what prompted us to order from RCR last September was that last...
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    Mki cav gulf le mans 1969 520 hp

    CAV GT 2008 new. Replica of the MKI 1969 LE MANS Winner car. 300 miles only of testing and tunning. LHD. Never raced. Ford 5L7 Tuned engine by T&L in the USA. Monocoque stainless chassis painted in black. Now deliver 520 HP (video and dyno sheet provided). 4 Weber carbs. Ultra short...
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    "Hello"... Can anyone tell me the story behind the yello/black GT40 P1047J? Should I be posting this question in the replica section, or is it really a kit of original parts built up in the 90's by Shelby-Japan? Also, why would the official logbook declare it's a 1967 Mk2b and is it worth...