1. J


    Here's my KVA c-type Mk1 with GTD suspension mods. Tuned 351 ci Cleveland (4v), strengthened UN1 with long top gear, AP paddle clutch, ventilated AP four pots and Cosworth rears with bias pedal box. Adjustable suspension with nylon bushes, quick rack, anti-bump steer geometry, large radiator...
  2. K

    #2244 MKII Holman Moody car pics

    I'm working on an ad for this car and while trawling this site, I realized how much you guys love pics. Here's a few that I hope you'll enjoy.
  3. M

    Superformance GT40 questions... need help :)

    Hi everyone, We've been thinking about buying a Superformance GT40. Here are some questions that we couldn't find answers to online: 1.) How much would it cost to have the car shipped (we live just north of Dallas)? 2.) Would we have to pay a gas guzzler tax? (Is the car qualified as a...
  4. J

    FS EU Gulf Style Monocoque

    I've been made aware of a Gulf/JW Automotive style monocoque for sale, which is exact in every detail and produced from original FAV drawings. Naturally, it's not cheap, but if you'd like more details, then I can put you in touch with the owner. Please email: [email protected]m Best...
  5. G

    WOW - SPF MKI White/Blue Roush 427SR *SOLD*

    The Superformance GT40 is the only GT40 Replica built under License from Safir Sapes LLC Licensing, INC. the holders of the GT40 Trademark Incredible Superformance GT40 MKI "Never Titled" 90 Miles! Wimbledon White w/ Blue Stripes - Fully Polished Roush 427SR (515+HP/515+ LB's of...
  6. L

    Custom Chuck Taylor GT40 Shoes

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and just wanted to share my latest creation, which is not a car but I thinks it's pretty cool anyway. It's a custom Chuck Taylor All-Star, that I made through the "Design Your Own" service at Converse website, based on the famous Gulf Oil color scheme. Hope you...
  7. J

    ***original parts required***

    NOTHING TOO BIG NOR TOO SMALL- I'll pay top Dollar/Sterling/Euros for any original GT40 parts. They must be either period or new/old stock, not reproduction and you must be able to show heritage. Please email any parts details and photographs (where possible) to- [email protected]
  8. M

    Need help in michigan!

    Hey everyone, I decided to go with a fiero chassis with mmy kellison gt40, I need someone to stretch the fiero, weld a subframe and instal the engine and transmission in for me. someone please help me..:huh:
  9. J

    Genuine Mk1 Front Clip & Nostrils

    Hi, I've got a brand new original Mk1 front clip, with twin nostril panel for sale. Serious offers to [email protected] please... Andrew
  10. C

    MK IV production status?

    Hello, first official post on the forums, although I follow the news here all the time. What a wonderful database of gt40 fans! Thanks to the moderators and admins for keeping this community running. I had a question: Does anyone know more information or tidbits regarding the MK IV's being...
  11. A

    See my RCR40 on the LEVERAGE TV show (The Boost Job)

    I was fortunate enough to have my car used as a prop during the filming of Leverage (Season 3, Episode 8 ) The Boost Job Air Date : 8/1/2010 So I wasn’t fortunate enough to let them use my car like my friend Don Newman, who was asked for the use of his FFR Roadster for the Leverage episode...
  12. Andy Sheldon

    Carbon Mono

    Development work on our Carbon Monocoque is now completed after almost 2 years. Attached are the first few available pictures. It is also available manufactured in Aluminium at a more reasonable price. More details to follow in the next few days. Andy
  13. Andy Sheldon

    Big Block Tornado

    Spotted on Monday at Stoneleigh was this Big Block Buick powered Tornado TSC GT40. 7.5 ltr Buick bored out to 7.6ltr. Lots of mods to the rear body section to help with cooling. Owner is Paul Smith from Bristol who is a member of the Bristol kit car club. Andy
  14. S

    I need help identifying my body make

    I bought this body and plan on putting it on a fiero chassis for now but i need to find out what make it is and where to get a windshield, rear window, upper and lower light covers for it. I would also like to know what people opinions are for modifing the body to make it a little more sturdy...
  15. S


    FREE FREIGHT on everything on our website for members only from now thru Dec. 31, 2009. Includes UPS and truck freight items as well. Check out our Ford Performance Engines page for some really rare goodies for your project and our Accessory page for that Ford GT and GT40 gift for that...
  16. A

    Informative Mirage Automotive - John Wyre Link

    Mirage Automotive - John Wyre parts listing Found this link, not sure if it has been posted here before, but if not then it may be interesting for those of us that have not seen it before. Enjoy
  17. J

    Mirage Automotive - 2nd August

    I've had a considerable amount of interest in our visit to Mirage Automotive in Poole at 10:30 on Sunday 2nd August 2009. You'll recall Ray & Steve are recreating those magnificent monocoques and welcome all interested parties. As we're planning to have a meal later, I've got a venue in mind...
  18. J

    GT40 car titles!!

    Hi, I am looking for GT40 car titles. I am from Czech republic and there is no way to get them. My Tornado TS40 could be seen here: Klasické sportovní vozy 60tých a 70tých let - Cobra, Ford GT40, Triumph TR6, Jaguar E-type Thx for your help Jan Wertheim
  19. A

    Flying out to DTW and RCR

    My wife and I are leaving PDX in a hour and flying to Detroit to see the RCR facility and our RCR40 that Fran & Crew have been building for us. I didn't sleep too well last night as you can imagine. For those of you that don't know what prompted us to order from RCR last September was that last...
  20. L

    Mki cav gulf le mans 1969 520 hp

    CAV GT 2008 new. Replica of the MKI 1969 LE MANS Winner car. 300 miles only of testing and tunning. LHD. Never raced. Ford 5L7 Tuned engine by T&L in the USA. Monocoque stainless chassis painted in black. Now deliver 520 HP (video and dyno sheet provided). 4 Weber carbs. Ultra short...