New SL-C runs Road America

We gave Ted Harrison at Quick Racing Products a recipe to build usa new race only SL-C. And what a job Ted and Don did. We specified:
Schwartz performance 670 HP LS7 tuned by Nils at Castillo Motorsports
Tilton 7-1/4 triple metallic clutch w/ hyd release bearing custom flywheel(Aasco Motorsports)
custom Porsche G96-88 sequential gearbox by Brian CopansHollinger (Speedshift) pneumatic paddle shift system
Motec engine management, data acquisition, traction control, PDM 30 powermanagement, and wiring by Dave at Veracity Racing DataAP Racing Brakes
Ohlin’s 4 way dampers by Alan O'Leary (Haas Racing)
Variable assist electric steering by QRP
External water pump
ARE dry sump systemAir jacks
The real magic to this build is the knowledge and expertise that QRPincorporated into this car from developing the "Blue Mistress"
SL-C that finished2nd overall in the 25 hours of Thunderhill. They offered up options that wewere eager to see incorporated in the build. Their ability to tackle the newchallenges that we presented them with was impressive. The attention to detailand fabrication skills that they have, are apparent everywhere in this car. Atthe Sonoma test sessions the car was awesome and required only required minoradjustments. Thanks Darryl Anderson for test driving and valuable feedback. Itrolled off the trailer in Wisconsin at Road America fully sorted and ready togo fast.
Thanks to all. The ability of all of the individual professionals to worktogether made this project really fun to coordinate. This car is incredible.Stay tuned for future progress. The owner / driver Jim 'O and crew are currently learning the car by running track day events in the Midwest.



Ted and Don do some nice work. That engine compartment is CLEAN, like the cockpit too, uncluttered and clean, clean, clean.

When I grow up I want them to build me a car. :)