1. K

    parking brake

    hand brake location slc I am using interior tub
  2. S

    SoCal slc???

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of purchasing an slc but would like to check one out in person. Is there anyone in the Los Angeles area that would be willing to let me have a look. Thank you
  3. lobelsteve

    Steve's GT-R Build Thread

    And so it begins.... 1st contact with Fran 2012 via email. Joined here in 2013. Set on SLC then, bolstered by Stacey David's Gearz. Got serious a year ago and started emailing Fran again. Visited H-Craft's shop and sat in SLC and his just arrived GT-R. Sold on GT-R over SLC at that time...
  4. R

    SLC's in Australia

    Just interested in knowing how many SLC are in Australia. I know of about 6 or 7 however assuming there are more. Would be go to get a group going to track others down.
  5. F

    New SLC owner

    Hi everybody. First of all thank you to fellow superlite slc owners for all the valuable info on this forum. I visited the factory in June, attended the factory five Cobra replica build school with my 12 year old son in order to see if a kit car build was a reasonable project for us, and...
  6. D

    SLC in Western United States

    I am very interested in building an SLC but I have never seen one in person. I called and talked to RCR and they said they are not aware of one on Utah. So I am wondering if there is someone close by that might have an SLC that I could see and ask a few questions to. It is fairly easy for me...
  7. J

    2016 Superlite SLC 100% sorted and ready to go **SOLD**

    Well this may end up being the shortest ownership of all time but I know what I like and know what I don’t so my loss is your gain! I purchased a 2016 SLC from John Burer, a great guy very nice and very knowledgeable on the platform. My anticipation was to receive the car, throw some...
  8. J

    Porsche 996 GT3 powered SLC recently sold

    Is this an indication of the market or a "distress" sale? A California-certified and approved Porsche 996 GT3 powered SLC with approx. 100 miles just sold on BAT ("Bring-A-Trailer") for $68k! GT3-Powered 2012 Superlite Coupe | Bring a Trailer
  9. kcoffield

    SLC Wiki

    Anyone have the link to the SLC Wiki handy and could post it by reply? All my old links are dead and when I search the subject line of this thread, I get a mind numbing number of hits but no joy. Best, Kelly
  10. A

    SLC aero street legal with 2 seats

    Will this ever happen? I for one will think it'll do really well haha
  11. P

    A new SLC is hitting the streets & Tracks

    Where to start? OK, the beginning. Since I was a little kid I have loved (and worked on ) cars. As an adult I have almost always had "a project" car to keep me busy. I got into drag racing for a while and then about 10 years ago (thankfully) I found track driving. Since then I have been...
  12. A

    FS USA Wanted SLC Drivers window

    Does anyone have a drivers side lexan window for a SLC that they want to sell? I would prefer one with an opening. Thanks Al [email protected]
  13. A

    SLC drivers window

    Does anyone have a drivers side lexan window for a SLC that they want to sell? I would prefer one with an opening. Thanks Al [email protected]
  14. M

    3D Model - Reference car near Seattle?

    I'm building a 3d model of the Superlite SLC. Are there any SLC owners near the Seattle area that are up for a reference photo shoot? Or, if you have a 3d model that you made and are willing to share, I'd love to know about it! Here is my early 3d model
  15. PeteB

    Car Cover recommendations

    Anyone buy a car cover for your SLC? What did you get?
  16. I

    My SLC Work Benches With A "Custom" touch

    While reading Cam's blog, he had a picture of how many boxes of parts and such he has to store while building his and that got me thinking... So while waiting for my SLC kit to be built, I decided to build some dedicated work benches for it. After getting them completed this weekend, late...
  17. M

    FS USA Miata Door Handles

    For the SLC crowd. As used in an SLC. Full set, inside and out with locks (no keys). If you have a use for them, make offer.
  18. I

    Retrofitted SLC Tails

    From the time I saw the SLC, I wanted to do something different with the tail lights since I wasn't happy with running stock or aftermarket LEDs. I ordered my SLC on 1/04/17, so I still have a couple of months till it's ready and decided to order a single tail light off eBay and see what I...
  19. Dreamcars

    Stephan's SLC Build Log

    Stephan's SLC Build Threat Hello fellow current and future SLC owners. My name is Stephan and I just received the majority of my 2017 white SLC on Sunday, February 25th. Graziano, flywheel and Infinity box still to come due to backorders... I am in the Yardley, PA area wanted to introduce...
  20. Ron Earp

    I figured maybe I should make a post down this way since I have a feeling some regulars here don't know the SLC subforum exists as part of Anyhow, there is a fund drive going on to support the site software overhaul. We've got just enough collected to cover the licences and...