1. PeteB

    Ultima Can Am on BaT

    A very nice Ultima was just listed on Bring-a-Trailer. Should be interesting what price it brings: 2004 Ultima Can Am | Bring a Trailer If I didn't already have a SLC, I'd be tempted to bid on this.
  2. sswartz

    S2's Build Thread

    Yeah, the other Scott stole my build thread name so I had to come up with something else. I thought about GreatScott, or TheRealScott and even ScottWhoLikesTheSlcBody, but I settled on S2 My car was delivered last week... about as good as Xmas morning when I got a Six Million Dollar Man action...
  3. R

    Financing an SL-C ???

    i know typically you would have to get a personal loan to obtain an SLC, or go through an exotic car loan company to get one such as woodside credit, or JJ best, or any of those avenues, but the SLC come with a vin number, so shouldnt i be able to use a traditional auto loan to finance a SL-C...
  4. R

    SLC center lock conversion kit ?

    i saw this and though it would be pretty dope for an SLC. i know the SLC uses 5th GEN Camaro SS brakes and would look damn nice. so my question is, what are the pros and cons to having a system like this on the slc, obvious they would be hard to steal, and a pain to change tires in the event...
  5. M

    AMG powered SLC Build

    Hello all, A little while back, Fran mentioned that a customer purchased an SLC and that they "may' be planning to use a Mercedes Benz power plant. I have been very interested in knowing how this build is progressing or how it may have already turned out... (I have to remember not to compare...
  6. B

    Can Advanced Aero Research Tool Help SLC, LMP?

    Mesa, this is a serious post, from The New Scientist. Here is an article and a representative photo of an advanced means of studying, in even greater detail, the aerodynamics of, yes, an airplane. But this method, along with conventional wind tunnel testing and computation fluid dynamics (CFD)...
  7. J

    Learning more about SLC

    Fran, fellow board members: I've done tons of reading in the recent past about the SLC. Amazing work Fran. I plan on pulling the trigger on one in the near future, though I can't quite decide if I'm going to build it or have someone else build it. The joy of me knowing every single wrench...
  8. J

    MiModHP -New to the forum

    Hello everyone. My name is Jamie Walters. I was invited to this forum by member that is building a SLC. I am the Director of sales for MiModHP and this member thought you guys maybe interested in our products. I am here to answer any questions you may have in regards to our products and also...
  9. D

    LS9 for sale

    I wanted to post this in the SLC club house first just to see if any of you are interested. If not, I'll put it in the for sale section and then on to Ebay. If any of you are on other sites like FFR or LSTech, feel free to let them know too(I would appreciate it!). I have this brand new crate...
  10. E

    Look Familiar?

    Homegrown Electric Supercar for Australia