016 or 01E?

I realize this is an RF support category...but the same advice applies to all makes. Make SURE your supplier supports the engine/trans combo you plan to run, or else be prepared to do significant re-engineering ($$).

RF's selection of the 016 as it's primary box makes sense since the 016 is cheap and plentiful. You just have to recognize it's limitations and be prepared to spend $$$ to address if you decide it doesn't meet your needs.
For those that just want longer highway cruising capability,
The 3U box or Robert's new 5th gear may be sufficient.

If more HP capacity is what you want,
the G50 is about 1/2 the cost of the 01E.
Unfortunately, as Hersh points out, if you already
have Audi adapters/shifter/etc, the cost to convert
to a G50 essentially doubles.

Interestingly, I'm going in the opposite direction.
Due to budget constraints, I'll be using the 016,
which my kit does not support(they support the G50).
Therefore I must do some rework to the frame, and
obtain the adapters/shafts/shifter from others.
Plan ahead...

Robert is using the 1998 Audi A8 Non Quatro transaxle. It
has the code "CYB" on it. This transaxle is used on the 360 HP A8's. This trans is used on the C and D plateform Audis that have over 250 HP.

Hersh /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
I'm posting a link to the spreadsheet that I updated to include 01E gear ration information as well as 016. Here it is:

Right click, save as...

As you'll see, the CYB has very good ratios.

Also interesting to note that the CYB has what ppears to be a newer input shaft design, part no. 01E 311 105 K. For those of you who have perused Charlie Smith's Audi 01E page input shaft page you may recall that the more desireable input shaft number was 105H (wider first gear, better radiusing). I assume that since the CYB transaxle is out of a new car that is still in production, that the input shaft has the requisite upgrades. The input shaft for an EKN box is 105M. If anybody could tell me the difference between these part numbers I would appreciate it.