2023 Corvette C8 Z06

I recently purchased a 2023 Corvette C8 Z06 (black/black). The car has been more than I expected - more performance, more attitude and more harsh ride. But, it's an amazing car and I really enjoy it.

I'm no track racer - have maybe done 10-12 track days my entire life. I attended a track event in Canada earlier this year and was amazed at what the car could do. The event was well run and there was a Ferrari 458 and a Lamborghini Gallardo there along with a mix of nice fast cars. I ran two sessions (of six), not wanting to smoke the brakes or totally destroy the tires, etc. Both the 458 and the Gallardo were in the two sessions I ran.

I have no special driving skills...at all. But, the C8 was faster than either the 458 or the Gallardo, both accelerating/braking and in corners. Towards the end of the day the drivers of these cars came over to say hi (they were brothers). We had a friendly chat and they were clearly surprised at the speed of the C8. But then one said "well, you can really lay into it because of the cost of the car." It took me a second to realize what he was saying...but as you can imagine, what he was saying is "because the C8 is cheap you don't have to worry about wrecking it and you can really go for it."

That didn't seem too friendly so I wrapped up the conversation and said goodbye.

So the question is, should the C8 be faster than either of these two cars? Equal drivers, same track/conditions, etc. I was under the impression that the C8 wasn't quite up to the level of the 458 particularly. Anyone else have some experience with the Z06?

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Good to hear Cliff. I am currently on a wait list with MacMulkins for a ZO6 (dropped to 245 today), and at Les Stanford for a Zora (currently number nine there).. There is a lot of information over on the MECF https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.com/ about the Ferrari's and Lambos with the C8. I haven't had the opportunity to read all the threads over there yet on it. But the ZO6 is a very fast car, and can hold its own very well. If you aren't a member there, you should join. It is a very friendly forum with no negativity allowed. Take a look.

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The owner/driver of the other car was trying to justify the fact the Corvette, which cost substantially less than either the Ferrari and Lamborghini, could not only hold it’s own, but actually outperform their two more expensive European imports. The C8R won Le Mans this year, just won VIR yesterday and won the WEC championship. I have a C6 ZR1 and a C7 Z06, also waiting for either a C8 ZR1 or Zora, and will say that they are fabulous cars.

Howard Jones

Here's a bit of insight into "lap times" Go to the chosen track's website and see if they have track records listed by vehicle type. If they do, figure out what a professionally driven spec Miata on race tires will do. This is now your target. Beware! it is not an easy one to hit. Especially on a track with relatively slow-speed corners and short straights.

Here are some lap records for COTA (2013): note the spec Maita record at the bottom. As a point of interest, I currently have a best lap at COTA of about 2:35.5

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