944 Turbo with a Coyote?

I’ve been doing A LOT of reading. I’m picking up my chassis in January and I’m planning my build.

Right now I’m thinking coyote engine but I’m not 100%. I’m researching what transaxle to use and the consensus is an Audi, Porsche or ZF.

ZF’s are too expensive and the Audi 016’s are scarce. I read somewhere that a 944 turbo transmission is a good option.

Does anyone know if that would match up to a coyote engine? I believe these transaxles are hydraulic also which is what I want.

Any thoughts?
Because I’m still learning, I wonder if the number that is stamped on the 944 Turbo is the same as the Audi 016. I wonder if Porsche and Audi got their trans’ from the same distributor?
Call scott dewitt at advanced automotion. He will build a audi 01e that will handle 500 hp.. Mine handles 470 hp just fine... A good product from a good man.
The 944 transmission will not bolt up as it has no provisions for a pilot bearing or throwout bearing in the transmission. I would recommend the Boxster S 6-speed. They are getting very affordable and can handle up to 500 HP.
The 996 is almost identical to the Boxster 6-speed except it is a rear engine rather than mid-engine design. It must be run upside down and is mounted on the end like a G50 rather than from the side of the housing like the Boxster is.