A delayed Hello to all !!

Hi all !!! . I should of said hello couple of weeks ago after getting the bug and finally joined my apologies.
im 35 and in the U.K I have two classic cars a steam roller and work on steam locomotives for a living . After reading on here for nearly a year now and doing a bit of research I’ve finally bit the bullet and started my own build

I look forward to talking, taking advice with you lot. And thanks to those who have already been in touch



Welcome aboard Nick! Whereabouts are you in the UK? We've some really good regional clubs scattered around the country.

Are you scratch building or ordering / had delivery of a kit?

Mike Pass

Welcome Nick,
If you post your location I can put you in touch with your local group of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club. I have sent you a message - see top right of page.

Scott Calabro

Welcome to the forum Nick! What fuel fires the boilers on the locomotives you work on? I ask because I collect antique Anthracite fired heating and cook stoves.
Hi Scott , we use normal mined coal unfortunately it’s getting harder and harder to get hold of . We used to get from Wales but they have now shut and plans for opening new mines have now been scrapped. We have had to get in from Russia in the past and imagine that will be where we do again until that finally gets stopped or certainly it will be come harder to get hands on