A.J.'s SL-C build thread

I can't believe I'm finally writing this. A build log! This has been a distant dream for a long long time, but I have finally placed my order. It's surreal. I'm shooting for delivery before June.

I can't thank Fran enough for the unbelievably gracious tours he gives. I visited the previous facility a few years ago, then 2 weeks ago I made another visit. I knew what to expect and still was blown away. Evidently I missed Ricardo by a day. I too saw Fran's version of the Hennessey Venom, and lots of other amazing stuff.

First issue: Can anyone tell me the minimum height clearance from the bottom of the splitter to the ground and the distance from the forward most edge of the splitter to the front part of the tire that contacts the ground. This is with the track splitter. I'll be picking up the car with a friend's trailer, and this info is mainly for clearances when loading and unloading his trailer. The lift kit won't do me much good during delivery. I also have a steep driveway...

Once the car is ready, is it possible to take delivery on Saturday?

I want to go LS7, but with the amount of money I have spent on upgrades I won't be able to get the engine before delivery unless I find a used one. Any good places to look besides the typical ls1tech and corvetteforum?
Welcome, A.J!

Will your splitter be mounted to the car when you pick it up? Mine was not, so clearance to the splitter was not an issue. That being said, getting the car onto the trailer benefited from a sloped surface and getting it off required ramp extensions (landscaping lumber with stacks of wood placed strategically underneath to take the weight). Your steep driveway might actually work to your advantage if you back the trailer up to it.

You'll have to talk to Fran about a Saturday pickup.

Having the engine on hand from the start is helpful, but not required. There will be plenty of other things to do for a while. . .
I guess I can request not to have the splitter mounted for pickup. That should make it easier. But not just the lead-in for the driveway is steep, but it's a large elevation change. Probably higher than the top of the trailer. Pushing the car up the driveway is out of the question.

I don't know about a nice camera, but I do take lots of pictures, and I have a 13 year old son who is a GoPro fanatic. We should have fun with this.
Congrats A.J. Pick it up with the splitter removed. I hae a nine-degree gradient and
about 1/2" of clearance with the normal street splitter.
:thumbsup: Very excited for you! Enjoy the ride my friend. As you know... there are many people on the forum who are very helpful. Tell us more about your car/options/plans etc.
I thought about the time lapse idea! Hate to tie up a GoPro for that long tho....

I ordered the car in grabber blue, satin black Forgestar 19s front & rear. Track day splitter, Graziano, RaceLogic TC, Penske shocks, sway bars, front lift, carbon rear "window", fender vents, gentlemens seats, interior tub. Eventually will add the race wing, Fling-style. As previously mentioned an LS7 is on the wishlist, along with a cam to hopefully get near 600hp.

I may look back at this and chuckle, but I'd like steering wheel controls, a rear view camera with dash or overhead display likely on an android tablet. No radio, tho. I plan to try my hand at upholstering the interior. I know how to use a sewing machine, but am not sure the one I have is up to the task. I'll be using suede (microfiber) and it's surprisingly inexpensive....it seems. After looking at samples, I may change my tune (if they're junky). Ricardo's Porsche themed interior will be quite the inspiration. Lots of little ideas for the interior but we'll see how many of them see the light of day after reality sets in.

Over all, this is going to be a "lets get this thing on the road" build. If I get fancy on the interior, it will be next winter when I can't drive anyways.

Howard Jones

We want to see a picture like this one! Anything I can do for to help, post your question, or just PM me. You might want to make some roll rounds like these. Six inch wheels (cheap ones) came from McMaster Carr and the plywood is 1/2 inch double thick. Cheap to make and they put the car high enough to slide yourself under the car. My car has been on them, other than some short periods on the garage floor, since day one.

Gather the neighbors for the push into the garage and then have a party!


This is the trailer I will be bringing it home in. It has rollers so it won't scrape the driveway.

The drive doesn't look that extreme, but in this slippery weather, it's tough to even stand on.

I like those dollies! That may be a good set of tools to have on hand. I guess with enough people, we could keep it straight going up the driveway. My extra fridge is sitting on a large dolly like yours.

I really appreciate your offer of assistance. I plan to take you up on it, and many others. This will be my first build of any kind. I'm no stranger to working on things, just never on this scale for a car.
Yes Allen, I've already watched em. I'm subscribed to you on YouTube. Its an amazing labor of love. They were great to watch when I was in the dreaming stage, and will be very useful in the actual build phase. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

PS - you don't charge enough for building these cars. What a steal! ;-)
I picked up my car yesterday!

Scott's car was in the way, so it was a good opportunity for a photo op. It's been said a thousand times, but that car looks even better in person than in pictures.

I'm second guessing my choice on the blue. It's REALLY BLUE. Not much I can do about it now. But I still think with some black highlights I can tone it down enough that I'll be happy with it.

Getting it up the driveway was a non-issue

Congrats A.J.! I am living through you at the moment, haha. Thanks for the pics, got them in my email. Hoping to start my own build thread soon.
Last car I built was nearly the exact color. It fits the car very well and it is just one of those colors you just can't stop looking at, in a good way. When it is totally buffed out and perfect, it looks to me like it is carved out of a solid crayon and a mile deep!

My last significant build in Voodoo blue (Toyota color)-