A Riviera scratchbuilt GT40

Hello Terry,

It looks I am now in the painting process which is not my cup of tea !

I hope I will be able to follow your tray for this step ...

For the time being, I started with a polyester primer application, but I plan to have the final color made by my mate Mark who is a really skilled painter!
Hello Mic,

It is nice effectively to have the car moving and to drive it, even at low speed for the time being ...

For the livery, I get family and friends pressure to go for the Gulf colours...Number 6 of course , in order to be ahead of the Porsche 908 on Le Mans finish line !

More seriously, this livery is not very eccentric for a MK1 replica, but I find it pleasant and it is something which I can easily modify in the future...

Bonjour René,

Which gulf colours combo will you chose...? The paint schemes were different between the 3 cars competing at Le Mans.

1075 with the orange "moustache"
1074 with the orange stripe (like my car you've seen at Le Mans Classic)
1076 with the orange triangle on the front hood, that I've never seen on a replica, could be quite original while in that classical Gulf Livery.


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Hello Pierre-Louis ,

Thank you for these Gulf liveries data which I include in the options to go for ....
To be "Gulf N° 6" or not, that is the question !
Hopefully, I have a few weeks to make the final decision, until I achieve the "primer" operation ...

Hope to see you in Nice when you will have a time slot ....
Hello Andy ,

To your question about rear hubs and ball joints rods :

REAR HUBS : Donnor is Audi A6 ; One Audi ref is 4D0407615F , but there are others ....

The main features are : 5 holes , 82 mm OD ball bearing ( ie VKBA 1356 from SKF) , 38 splines which fits with several VAG CV joints ...

Those hubs are easy to find in junkyards (in France at least ...) , for a fairly low price ( 20 € for mines ...)

BALL JOINTS RODS : The main rods are 25CD4S chromolly , 25 mm OD, 2 mm wall
I got them from ULM Technologies ( France)
At the end, I fitted Mc Gill ball ends ( See on eBay ) with chromolly bungs from Midwest Control ( US).

The ball ends sizes are 1/2" on the pull/push bars, and 5/8 " on the lower A arm and the upper arm.

I hope this will help you and wish the best for your GTD refurbish project ...

New update on the build ...

First, I wish a Happy New year to all forumers ....

Secondly, I finally decided to go to the 1075/N° 6 livery , and allready ordered the decals kit from Racelinedigital !

Sorry to add a new unit to this overcrowded liveries family, but this is my only GT40 , and will very probably stay unique!

After primer preparation ( I did not anticipated such a huge work ...) , my friend Mark started the painting process in his home made spray booth ...

We choosed the" matt layer + varnish " process which should give a nice and resistant result ...

As Gulf colors tint , we finnaly opted for :

*Light blue : Porsche 328

*Orange : Equivalent to Porsche 019

*Stripes blue : Close to Navy blue .....

Intermediate results are encouraging and I am very impatient to see the final ....


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Bravo ! Good choice...:thumbsup: The end of the build process is close (if a build could ever be considered finished on these cars).

I see you didn't decide to fit some spot lights in lower front ? (I still have my set of marchal waiting in a box, for me daring to use some saw on my cherished front clip ):anxious: That said, I already fitted the lateral orange blinkers the Gulf cars had on front fenders. Will you put some ?
Hello Pierre-Louis ,

Glad to see you approve this livery choice ....Close to yours, if I remember ...We can now thinck to organize a South France Gulf GT40 meeting !

About spot lights, I fitted them under the bottom covers, but the older rectangular design, with the associated turn lights.
And I do not plan to install the lateral blinkers , "pour l'instant" ....
Progressing on the painting process ...But not finished yet ; I have now to go to the warnish polishing procedure ...


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Thanks Pierre-Louis and Bob ...

After some parts varnish polished, I noticed that the light blue ( Porsche 328) came lighter , which is probably closer to original ....

Randy V

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Looks great Rene! You will be thundering through the countryside very soon!!!
I finally achieved the varnish polish, getting a "polish-elbow" on the way ! I used an electric spinning polisher, but that was not enought to avoid some desagrements ...

As expected , blue color and general gloss are a little bit lighter than straight out of the cabin ....

At this time , I had an intesting sequence on the lights-covers subject:

To follow my natural tendency to home-build every part...,I tried to make my own lights covers from 3 mm polycarbonate, and use of the family oven ...
The result was really not at my expectation level! As the heated polycarbonate bends everywhere it wants ...

So, I decided to get in touch with Mark Clapp I had seen previously in the forum, with some very nice light-covers ...

We had a pleasant deal, and Mark delivered me overseas very shortly , and at a very fair price, a set of 4 covers ( Beams and spot-lights) .

The parts are made from 3 mm PETG : very transparent, easy to drill or machine, less prone to scratch than polycarb, and slightly more flexible...

The parts are a little bit oversized in order to fit on every body, and it was a pleasure to install them after my aborted trials !

At the end , I am very satisfied with the result, and I recommand to anybody who as a covers or windows issue to solve, to call Mark first ....

I did not made yet the edges in black, but may do it later ...


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Hi Rene, fantastic work on trimming/fitting the light covers. I'm glad to have had a small part in your great looking GT. Remember that P1075 did not have black borders on the light covers; only the headlight openings on the body were black.

Mark Clapp
Thank you Mark for the comments and for the advice on the headlights openings: easy to make, and a visible little step to get closer to the genuine P1075 !