A Riviera scratchbuilt GT40

Nice informations Mic on the injections stacks , thank you ; I will come back with you on this subject later on .

About our future "track day", I would enjoy of course, but no sure it would be very wise for me to compete with an experimented Le Mans driver !

I am more oriented on a static reconstitution of the 1969 arrival with the GT40 installed slightly ahead the 908 !
Hello René Yes indeed that would be avery nice reconstitution !!
Specially if you decided to go into an Gulf livery !!
And I can tell you that I will be able for us two, when cars will be ready for track days to organise a real reconstitution at Bugatti circuit ( ACO people being very very close friends of course ... you can imagine !):thumbsup:

How your built is going ?
Am busy to test fit all mechanical components befor to laminate in place the 908 body work
Did you started more work on your bodywork fitting ?
Very nice program , Mic, I am now committed to go to a N° 6 Gulf livery !

No problem , that was my idea anyway...

But please, give some time to finish and test the car before contacting your ACO friends !

After the engine running confirmation , I am now coming back on the bodywork ....

Have a good work on your mechanical fittings ...
There is also this supplier ( stackinjection) doing anice kit ;
Australian supplier

Regarding the look, this setup from Eightstack really looks like genuine webers... I was said it works very nicely (never tried it, they're little bit costly I'm afraid). US supplier...


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    Eightstacks manifold.jpg
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I agree with you Pierre-Louis , this is one of the very nice equipments I keep an eye on ...

And we should have a close feed back in a few monthes, coming from a Sbarro replica rebuild , somewhere in Dordogne !
I was not very active on the forum these last monthes ...
But it should be easier in some weeks , as I am in close discussion with my boss for end of career retirement!

The main progress point on the buid is that I ordered and received the wheels from Team III in US /Ca , managed by Scott and Jin .

I selected 17 " rims , 8 " front and 10.5 " rear ; five lugs at 112 (Audi) BCD .

Fair price, respected delivery delay, and very good quality and appearance.
It is obviously a solution to investigate if you have wheels to purchase....

For the first tires set, I opted for FALKEN FK 453, 275/40/17 rear ; front ( not yet installed) will be 225/45/17 or 235/45/17 .

By the same time, I made a complete adjustment of the body fitting ; the result is fairly acceptable and it is now ready to receive the first polyester coating for paint support .

I made the first check of the windscreen in place : it fits nicely without any adjustment ! And it is the first time I see the full final shape of the MK1...


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Very nice René, things are going fine ! I see you don't choose to set knock-off wheels... Some particular reason to opt for bolted wheels ? (Maybe you've already explained that in the thread, I may have to read back a little :inquisitive:)
Hi Rene

I also have 10.5"x17 wheels in the rear, and I went for the Vredestein 315/35-17 with the Giugiaro designed profile. A very good choice for a good price I think (205€), and the look is fantastic, I have 245/40-17 in the front with 8" wheels, but I will change that to 245/45-17, the 40 series look too low...

1x Sommer-Reifen 315/35 R17 102Y VREDESTEIN ULTRAC SESSANTA DOT11 | eBay


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Thanck you , Pierre Louis ...In fact I did not selected the knock-off wheels option , from a mixt of several parameters :

*Budget ...
*Unsprung weight;( Adapters to add)
*Safety ...Better to have 5 bolts instead of only one; but I admit this is very subjective!

I will install dummies knock-off later...

Hi Axelkloehn , obviously a good choice you made ...and I had long hesitation between the VREDENSTEIN 315 and the FALKEN 275!

The major point is that I felt that the 315 would be a little bit wide for the 10.5" rim; but in fact they seems to be OK from your experience....

The second point is that I thinck that the Vredenstein are more wet-oriented ; and this is not an issue in South France where I am.

Nice project your are working on ! Good work on it ...


It is time to make an update on the project after some monthes of silence on the forum ....
I am presently a young retired .... but I obviously did not found more time to dedicate to the forum ; matter of personnal organisation of course !

Hopefully, I worked effectively on the GT40, and mainly in the "road contact" area:

*Front and rear uprights are now completed with bearings installed ; I spent some additionnal time on the rears in order to lighten them ; the result is acceptable but still above 5 kg ...

*I machined the brake hats from 2017 aluminum ; my first idea was to use 7075 which is stronger , but more sensitive to temps above 150

*Rear rotors are simply bolted on the hats ; on front , I am installing a "rotor floating" solution which should give more hard bracking capability ....To be tested !

*CV joints are installed ; I machined specific adapters with 7075 ally ( no major temp issue ..) in order to gain 35 mm wide more on each side; at ride level , shafts angles are fairly horizontal (G 50 flipped down box ...)

*Anti-roll bar are installed and working ; very soft for the starting point , but I plan to go harder if needed from the tests.

The main point is now to install the shock absorbers before hitting the ground ! The parts are QA1 Proma Star and Eibach springs which I should receive to-morrow from Summit ...

The springs are 400 lbs/inch for rear and 350 for front ; this also a starting point which I may have to modify after tests...



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Hi Rene!
Nice to see you posting again.
Like always, impressing work!:thumbsup:
The driveshafts looks like a standard part, from what car?
Keep on posting, the build looks like a dream.
Best regards Markus.
Hello Brett, nice to inform me you will be in Cogolin this summer ...;we will arrange a "pression" of course , but not sure I will be able to come yet with the GT 40 in Cogolin !
Just drop me the info when you will be there ....

Hi Markus, well seen for the CV joint !
They are absolutely standard CV joints for VW Transporter T4 , 2.5 TDI version, SKF made!
They fit exactly on both sides : Box side , with the flanges ( 6 X M10 bolts) of the G50 , and wheel side with the 38 splines hub from Audi A 6 ....
I closely analysed the torque capabilities, and my conclusion was that the effective torque limitation of the drivetrain is first the G 50 box ....

Are you going ahead on your project ?
Hi Rene!
I have had issues finding suitable drive shafts my self so...
Progress for my own project is good. Chassis (thank´s to you) is done with suspension (own design) and steering. Motor and driveshafts allso. All bodywork which is a lot... is left to do. The car is soon ready for the first inspection off three by swedish authorities.
GT40 :: Lser mne - Markus GT40

Keep up the good work!

Br. Markus
Looks great...I love your attention to detail.
I too must admit I am a little lax on posting my progress, but when I get time again photos will follow.
Your uprights are very nice, I think I have seen the rear before, and the front piece looks like a billet part....very nice work.
Keep posting...looking good
Hello Markus,

I when on your "Markus GT40" forum, and I discovered that your scratchbuild project is in very good shape !

And I am happy to see that you could make good utilisation of some of the design informations I sent you ....

As I understand, you are starting an homologation procedure ; is there an "achievable " process for prototypes registration in Sweden ?

As you may know , this is a nightmare in France , and I have postponed this step of my project for the time being !

Hello Phil,

Thanck you for the comments...; I hope you will get soon time to post on your build ; but I know from my own experience, how we builders, can easily shift on this simple posting activity !


Nicolas VDW

First of all, wow, just wow, what a great project and outcome!

I'm currently planning a GT40 build. However I'm not sure if I would make the gt-forte chassis or one derived from your magnificent chassis. Is it really necessary to get a body? On a tight budget I was thinking of building the chassis and attach the body later.
What is your vision on this?

cheers from Belgium

Hello René ! I have completely read your post and I'm amazed to see that someone build a high quality GT40 in Europe ! Where are you exactly in South France ? Because this summer, I'll come two months for working in a sail club and it is located at Bormes ;) !
Hello Elliot ,

Bormes les Mimosas is approx 150 km from my place, near Nice ...So no major problem to meet when your are there during next weeks and you will be wellcome to see my project ; please send me your mail contact via forum message and we will arrange something ; I have also interest in sailing , so we should find some discussion subjects !

Hey Rene,
Have it all confirmed, I'll be leaving the UK on August 8 and then arriving back Sept 2 - so lots of time down in the Var :)

I'll PM you the details of our place down there, though the phone number hasn't changed from when we last saw each other :)