A Riviera scratchbuilt GT40

Great step these last days on my project ! We put the car on the garage floor, pulled it outside and made the first driving test !

After 4 years of welding , machining, assembly etc ...in the "dark" garage , it is really enjoying to have it outside in the sun!

This very first test was made of course at a very limited speed, 20 km/h in front of the house....but I had time to get a very acceptable feed-back on the main points :
Steering is quite smooth, the clutch is progressive, gear box is firm but precise; the brake pedal is "long" , but the paddles are brand new, not seated .....

By the same time I made a first weight measure ( With a modified bathroom scales !) and got , in running conditions:

Rear : 580 kg
Front : 400 kg

Some equipments are not yet installed( Lights, polycarbonate screens...), so I expect to go to about 1030 kg finished; I am satisfied of this level, as I built the chassis quite strong ....

Now, the objective is to go ahead 20 kmh ....and check precisely every driving parameter .....



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Hello René
well done !!
I can imagine your satisfaction now after so many hours of hard work
Congratulations .... but am waiting for you for the famous picture we have to recreate .... am yet waiting in the pits for you to come LOLLLLLLLL !!!!!

Keep your very good work and enjoy finishing all those details you listed....


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Thank you Pierre-Louis ( You are welcome of course to meet and see the build when you want ...), Michel, Paul, Nick , for your comments .

Michel, I have to apologize as I really missed to congratulate you for your "magnifique" , historic level Porsche 908 !

And it is amazing to see that you got this result within a few monthes ( Approx one year if I am correct...) when I spent 4 years to get it on the floor ! Professionnal versus amateur .....

Now I am committed for the picture we decided at Le Mans.... Allow me 4 years more, and I will be ready !
Joking ! It should be earlier ; I make by best and keep you informed ....
Hello René
I think it's your first 100/100 built so you had to engineer and fabricate all by your self ... me am not as you know at my first so competition is hard to judge
LOL !!
you did on those 4 years lot of very nice work and the result is absolutly neat and professional .....I don't think you will need 4 more to achieved your project beside the fact finisching details is one the longuest trip to do on similar projects!!
Just keep your hard motivation and every thing will end easy

Bon courage et encore Bravo

Hi Markus

I've also been very impressed with Rene's work, and have re-created his plans using Google
Sketchup (free to download)...

If you want to drop me a PM with your email address I'll forward it on (and to anyone else who's interested).


Hi James

I have a body and would like to build a chassis do you still have the sketch up drawing of the .gt40 they would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards
After the fisrt driving test, the main achievement these last weeks was to find and adequate trailer for moving the car on adapted test areas ...

Of course, it is not yet registered , and will not be for ...some time ! ( French regulations ....) .

So I decided to purchase a dedicated trailer to be towed with my daily car .

I finally decided for a brand new 4 wheels trailer , Anssems 1500 , with 1200 kg load capacity ; as the GT 40 is presently 980 kg, there is not problem.

That way I got access to a quiet "test area" , a few km home ; it is not a track of course, this will be the next step, but I could test higher speeds , up to 110 kmh!

The general behaviour of the car is still fairly good, exepted the brakes which are still a little weak ( from my opinion...) ...But seems to be improving while the paddles ara seating .

For the time being , I limited the engine at 4000 RPM in order to test gently everything before going farther ...

At 4000 RMP precisely, I discovered some "blow -by" effect with oil pouring from the passenger side rocker cover breather ....down to the hot headers !
The sealing of the breather on the cover was probably the cause ....Fixed with some machining , but to be tested ...


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Thanck you for your comments .....

Brett, no offense for the missed beer ....; but you are now committed for next year!

Nick , I hope also to meet you one day and and exchange on our projects;

By the way, did you found a solution on the angled clevis question ?
Hi René !

Very nice job...as usual ! As my car is (at last) on its way to the South:pepper:, seems to me I'll be able to pay you a visit soon... Can't wait to see your home made beauty !:heart:
I'll make you know.;)
Thank you Randy; all the job is not yet made , but as you probably experimented before me, I feel much more confortable than 4 years ago at the very begining of the build !

Bonjour Serge ; désolé de n'avoir pu me libérer pour te voir au rassemblement ECM ...mais je prévois de passer en Dordogne en Octobre ....

Hello Pierre-Louis ; welcome to South (Of France ...) and I start cleaning immediatly the garage for your visit !
Hi René !

Very nice job... I really enjoyed your thread and your excellent work:thumbsup:. I hope to start my own project in the near future and would love to make use of your plans ?. Have you considered looking at a Audi 01E 2wd gearbox there is a kit car builder here using them with great success.

I will be sending you a pm
Hello Luan,

Welcome to the GT40s;com builders forum .... and thank you for your interest on my project .

No problem to use my plans for your project ; in fact I have several requests in the same direction but I had to postpone the answers until I recollect all my data and set up the right files package to be sent ; this is a matter of several days from now ( Not at home presently...)

Anyway, send me as proposed your PM via Gt40s.com message .

Related to the O1E 2WD Audi box , it was my first box choice and it is obviously a fairly good solution for a middle power /torque engine ....

I finally decided for the Porsche G50 as I had the opportunity to get one in good conditions from a local Porsche specialist.

In addition , with my chassis design, the Audi box would lead to a higher crank axis level ( 190-195 mm from chassis bottom) than the G50 : 160 mm mm from bottom....