A Riviera scratchbuilt GT40

Remember that P1075 did not have black borders on the light covers; only the headlight openings on the body were black.

No black borders, yes, but sometimes some huge black duct tape ! :devilish: Very nice job on these covers, as always !:thumbsup:


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Thank you for the info and comment Pierre Louis, I have now a low-cost solution to give to my GT40 a more historic appearance !

Important step last weeck : I made the first track test .....

The track was Le Luc , a small but interesting 2.2 km track in South France , ( 50 km from the well known Paul Ricard ...) .

I made 35 laps ( 4/5 laps cessions...) at reasonnable speed , max RPM set at 4500 ...

The feed back is very encouraging : only minor problems ( self openning driver door... and minor oil leak on oil tank ..) and a good car behaviour in the main areas :

Stability in the straight portions, front axle directivity, brakes efficiency , no sensible bumpsteer ( but the track is in good flatness conditions ....).
Gear box ( G50) and clutch ( 911/965 turbo ) where OK ...

The tires are Falken FK 453 , 225 wide in front, 275 for rear: not slicks performance level of course, but they "made the job" ...

After "debriefing", it appears that the rear axle is not presently at the level of the front with some lack of progressivity and balance when reaching the limit ...

No work was made yet on the rear set up, so I anticipate to have to work on all the parameters : Schocks , springs, sway-bar, camber , toe, caster etc ....

I don't know yet which to adress first , and of course any advice will be appreciated !


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Looking very good Rene'. Very nice looking car. There are plenty of racers on the forum who I'm sure will step up and provide input. Continued success.

Randy V

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In order of priority from my perspective -
1) STOP - do the brakes work well?
2) TURN - does the car steer into a turn without pushing (understeer)
3) STABILE - does the car dart around or is it relatively stabile?
4) TURN OUT - does the car track well through the corner and exit in a controlled manner
5) ACCELERATE - does the car accelerate without introducing poor directional control

Things like your caster, camber, ackerman, toe will all have a part to play in all of these above. Almost all of them impact the others as well.
Shock and anti-sway bar settings will come with fine tuning and seat time. I prefer to do my initial work with shocks set to their softest settings and sway bars disconnected.
Tire pressures will come along as well with the others in the fine-tuning, suffice to say, you should consider running your starting pressures about 5 PSI under the maximum sidewall pressure for starters. You will be letting more air out of the tires as you gain seat time.
And here's the big one -
DON'T be in too big of a hurry to get the "Lemans winning setup"... Give yourself and the car time to get to know one another.. Rushing either one of you could be disasterous and we don't want to lose yet another brother in these forums..
Jimmy : thanck you for the comment, and no doubt of course that I will find all set up informations from the forum ....

Randy : I really appreciate your clever synthesis of the first set up work and I am going to use it as a guideline for the next track tests ....

When I come back on the first test day, I am glad to consider that on your first 5 priorities , I did not felt any evident weakness at moderate speed ( 4500 Rpm max - 100 Mph max ...) .

Then, I plan to go to your "soft settings " approach for the future tests and I fully agree that my present objective is to get a confortable, predictive and stable car....out of performance considerations ....
Bravo René,

Fantastic job, and great achievement, must be a huge satisfaction to have the car on the track, after having started from a flat pack of square tubes...!

Hope we'll be able to have our cars on same track in the same session some day, to officially form the "gulf liveried GT40 South Squadron" !

Well done again, hope to be able to pay you a visit soon (as my car is being put back together within few days).


A great achievement, your build has been one I have been following closely.

The next time I take a holiday in your area, would jump at the chance to meet up and take a close look

Nick D.
Hello Pierre Louis ,

Nice to receive your encouragements and to see that your car is in good shape ...
You can contact me at any time as soon as you have a visibility for a visit near Nice ....
And out of the order of the meeting, we will place ahead the organisation of the next meeting on track of the squadron!

Hello Nick,

I am glad to see that you took interest in my build ...The question is now : is it an achievement , or the beginning of something else ? May be both in fact !
If you can arrange a visit, I will enjoy of course to show the car in details ...
Are there members who have used René's drawings for a scratch build? Did a private message if it's okay to use his drawings but got no reply