Aaron's SL-C build...

I took the day off from my regular job to work on the SL-C.. I completed the following items:

Trimmed out the door openings of the main body. Trimmed out other areas of the main body as needed. Trimmed and final fitted the tail lamp covers. Fixed my "horn button starts my car" issue by swapping wires in the master cell connector. Started to prep the anchor for fiberglass repair ( lengthening it ) so it fits correctly. Fully secured the fuel tank. Inserted 5 gallons of gasoline. Banded thermal wrap on the shifter cables. Ordered a blue-tooth receiver for my audio system. Ordered back-up camera w/ wifi. I'm planning on setting this up through an iPad initially for testing. I also ordered a GPS speedo and quad gauge setup from Speedhut.


Quad gauge..

Speedhut researched the Centroid sending unit and concluded that I can program the fuel gauge for the 100 ohm ~ 0 ohm setup for the SL-C.


I simply purchased a low cost backup camera. I'm planning to dissect it and see if I can graft it into my roof antenna pod. I'll likely change it later but in the interest of putting my SL-C on the road in a few months I needed to move forward on something. Honestly I've not seen a good (small) CCD camera for my application. I'll keep looking.

I'll post a you tube once I get my camera installed and operational.
This one can be disassembled to mount through a hole and is 1/2 inch dia. It has received really good reviews.
Esky EC170-06 HD Color CCD Waterproof Car Rear View Backup Camera
Word to the wise. If you are looking for just a backup camera, any unit will work for you. Be aware that there are some things to consider. Get only ccd cameras. the video quality of the cmos units is not that good. A lot of the eom units on cars and trucks are cmos and work OK for backing up. I don't particularly like the one on my F150. When I hit reverse the screen of course changes to the rear view camera as it should. But it brightens up the screen a bunch with the IR lights(at night). This makes it almost impossible to use the side mirrors because of the glare. Tough to judge where you are in relation to lets say a wall beside you. Also If you are going to want to really see with the camera you need to find one with 90 and no more than 110 degrees of viewing angle. Anything more and the fish eye will disguise what you see and you have no idea how far behind you any object you see is. This is of particular interest if you are going to use your camera for all time use. Search the forum for rear view cameras. there is some good info out there.
One I am looking at, is one that is wireless and it transmits to your Ipad or Android phone.
They have one at 110 degrees and they have a couple of videos that show it in use. No data fees either.
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I purchased a very similar unit. I'm not going to like the green and red backup lines permanently in the viewing window for the long haul though. I'll live with it until a more functional solution that meets my needs comes along.
Arron, I tried a similar 4 in 1 gauge and was not happy with it all. It just reacted so slow to changed and did not seem to calibrate correctly to the supplied sensors it had. I was not a big fan, but liked the idea. I just say this as you might want to test it out a bunch to get a good idea of how it works. If you like it and it works good what brand and model is it?
Took a look at their demo videos(again) and noticed the 110 degree tag mount unit only has the vertical lines on it and there wasn't a blinking stop sign. That seems tolerable to me. As I plan to use it as a dedicated full time unit I think those lines may come in handy to help me judge the distance of anything coming up on me. Will have to see how it blends with the side cameras that I already have.
With the old camera setup, as anything came up on me, and passed from the central camera, it appeared in the side camera(no blind spots). As it left that view their front end was at my window and easily seen from the cabin.

The gauges are from Speedhut and there are several YouTube videos.. They appear to be good. These aren't cheapo gauges.. They are using Delco sending units.

I'm sorry that posting the picture of the gauge with the company logo on it wasn't clear enough.
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I received my backup camera today.. It's very compact as I hoped. I'm confident that I can make it fit inside the Roof antenna pod.
The transmission bracket that RCR provides with the kit does in fact work if you have the correct ends for the shifter cables. Good job Fran... :)
I fired up my backup camera in the living room tonight.. I had a bit of trouble initially but now it's happy. It's a bit grainy but what to expect for a$20 mini cam. I can improve it later as needed.

The body goes back on fairly soon.. It's time to sand the main body out and work on fiberglass modifications :)