Aaron's SL-C build...

I'm pushing to finish the front bonnet soon. Installation / modification of the inner fender panels is raking much longer than expected.

Yes I’m home.. You know where to find me.. I’ve been putting in a ton of hours on my build recently. I simply don’t comment on the board .
Reviving this thread, I dug through it again. Any pointers to how you changed the OMP logo on the steering wheel? I was going to make a vinyl inlay, but I think I may use the inverse of the vinyl as a stencil and paint it, but curious what you did.
Front brake rotor cooling is now complete. View attachment 99867
Howard had some recent brake issues he thought might be attributed to uneven cooling of his front rotors. I think Ken mentioned something about best practices with regard to directing the cooling airflow (into the vanes between the inboard/outboard rotor faces as opposed to right on the inboard face). If you're planning to track your car you might want to look into fabricating some ducts at the hose exit to avoid the condition Howard experienced.
Last night I fitted up the airbox and measured clearance to the rear clamshell. I need to cut down the airbox approximately 2 1/2 inches and then weld up the risers with dzus fasteners to connect it to the spider frame extensions that I've created. I plan to create a fiberglass enclosure that connects the air inlet ducts on the rear clamshell and funnels air into the airbox.

Gregg F

Gregg F
That looks great. Does the rear wing need to be removed to open the rear clam or does it hi and fold back?