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I believe I recall the RCR Mono tub coming in at just about 300# but it might be made of slightly heavier alloy.
Are you going to build a cage in this car too? That will add some torsional rigidity to the chassis as well. Not sure I would weld the seats in place for that..
Is Boeing missing some aluminum? :) That looks like 747-800 floor material to me.

Very nice work and nothing beats driving something you built with your own hands.
Hi Randy, the "roll bar" will be like the original so there will be no separate roll bar made of tube.

Hi Rick, I am using all 6061-T6 and T4! You won't ever find that on a Boeing plane it's only used for tooling.
Hi Steve:

You are doing a great job. I thought your current chassis was very well built.

Tig welding is difficult enough,the positions have to be even tougher. I tried to tig weld a couple times which resulted in my receiving a jolt of electricity through my body. Followed by an out burst of expletives and never touching a tig torch since.:shocked::shocked:
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Steve, that's an amazing bit of fabrication. I'm very interested to see how you set up the front suspension mounting points.

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So does that mean that the RCR monocoque chassis is a superb piece of fabrication too.....wink.

the torsional/beam ridgidity is superb without a roll cage...Steve told me his math model numbers and they are almost identical to the math and also the real world physical test rig results we found with the RCR chassis...surprise surprise.

Steve,as we have discussed make sure you weld inside and outside of all the panels you can to give full penetration and larger cross sectional strength.

I know you appreciate that we build two monocoque chassis per week
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I'm afraid that you guys have been doing so much jaw dropping stuff for so long that it's now the expectation...


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Let's see some more pictures of this chassis. I'd really like to see what your are doing with the front end.:idea:
I finished welding up the front side panels this evening before the Seahawks game, go Hawks! I won't have any time to work on this until next week. Sorry


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