Amazing replica for sale in New Zealand

Not sure if this has been posted before or is in the right section but spotted this GT40 replica for sale in New Zealand. It looks very close to an original and the company selling it don't seem to have the full background to the build.

It just has that right amount of patina and looks so right. Anyone know anything about the car?
Classic Throttle Shop - Ford GT 40

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So does that make it a Dave Brown car.

That shop is about 20 min from me, it is under the Sydney harbour bridge.

I am pretty sure that is one of the first cars Dave Brown built, if not the very first... looks like it has an early f/glass roof spyder and same wheels as #1.

Brian Stewart
At first I thought it was too early for Dave's first car and might have been a Frank Wigg car, but below is a picture of Dave's first build and it appears to be the same car.


Brian Stewart
Slowly Jim. Waiting on a few bits and pieces from overseas before Dave can progress further.
Bit of a GT40 sell up on the NZ T/Me site at moment: includes a partial Frank Wigg mono floor pan, A Gurney Eagle headed SBF with 4bbl intake, An ERA GT40, A couple of DRB cars, A GTD & one GT40 NZ
I really love this car......but geez does this make one think about options. I'm glad I'm not wealthy enough to have to think about this dilemma

Lets see now at the top of the list you have an original GT40 starting @ over $2 million plus.....and then there's the X-Mcqueen car going on the block later this month for a rumored $5-8 million plus,

Then you have:
A Holman/Moody GT40 MkII for @ 600K US
A Gelscoe Mk I for @ 500K US
A MkIV for @ 800K US
The above GT 40 MK I for @ 260 K US
A SPF GT 40 R for @ 150 K US

....and many other makes falling somewhere in that 100-150K range depending on the quality of parts used.