Article in Reincarnation magazine

If you don't get Reincarnation mag, you should, its free. They had an article this month on the cars of the recent movie "Ford vs Ferrrari, nice article and let me say that RCR sets the standard in the replica market. The thing, I am writing about is on page 37 in the lower right hand picture of the back deck of a MKIIA car, the caption says"Careful attention to exterior details of the RCR 40 ensured historical accuracy". This picture is not historically accurate. The strips were not painted on the middle air intake, the scoop had a clear 1/8" plexiglass insert that accounted for over 90% of the surface area of the scoop. You could look down through it and see the exhaust pipes or from inside the car look through it for a better rear view, which it didn't because of the rear spoiler.
The actual cars did not have external rear view mirrors either. The driving coordinator required mirrors be installed.
The list of errors on the cars used is subject of a couple of threads on different forums.