Audi 016. Been a while.....

Been a while since I've been on the site here. Completing a recovery from bone marrow cancer (leukemia) and starting to get back to normal. Great to be getting out to the garage and mucking around with the greasy bits (no, not mine).

I have two Audi 016's. Both are good boxes, and have been upgraded with the porsche 944 factory (plate style) LSD. One is coded AAZ and is installed in my Frankenlotus project with a couple hundred miles on it. At 75mph on the freeway the engine (347 stroker) is turning about 3,200rpm....which is a bit too much for my liking. The other 016 is on the bench and is coded 5N. Use of the 5N in place of the AAZ should reduce the freeway revs to about 2,800....still not great, but better. I would like to be more in the 2,500rpm range at 75mph.

Does anyone have an old 016 laying around I can upgrade in this same way which perhaps has better ratios? The best 016 is the european-only 3U which has the longest gearing and would be turning around 2,400rpm at 75mph.

I know these 016's are pretty long in the tooth at this point, but I've gotten to like them over the years - light weight, upgradable, good for low/medium torque applications when upgraded, easy shifting, etc.

ps. can't seem to upload a .xls file anymore. Was going to upload the .xls based ratios spreadsheet. Should I be able to upload an .xls file?

Thanks in advance.


Check the R&P ratios and the 5th gear ratio. It used to be common to swap the taller 5th into the box with the taller R&P but I don't remember which is which right now. I think the 5N has the taller 5th and the AZZ has the taller R&P. Scott at Advanced Automotion would probably know.