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I am so confident in the 016 that I am bolting up to this little powerplant for my next project. I installed the rear plate and a steel release bearing tube.
(had three plastic ones melt on me).
If I don't abuse it I am sure it will last a long time.

Jim Dinner

Can anyone tell me what final drive ratios the 016 box comes in and also as Im using for racing and it seems the only problem with them at this stage is that the spider gears dont like to be shocked has anyone locked them up at all to increase the strength?
Also who would be a good gearbox supplier in Sydney or even Brissy/Melbourne?

I believe the only final drive ratios available in the 016 are 3.89 and 4.11. I can't help you with the spider gear question. I tossed my diff and replaced it with a Quaife LSD.



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3k - 3.89
5n - 4.11
3u - 3.89
Bmo - 3.89
3t - 4.11
He - 4.11
Hf - 4.11
3q - 5.22
So this is kind of an old thread but there was no closure? Has anyone actually put the 944 3.75:1 ring and pinnion in an Audi 016 transaxle? I have a 5N 016 box in my GT and would love to go to this gearing but I don't want to purchase the R&P and go to the effort if it won't work. Has anyone done this conversion?
Yes Steve I have done this conversion for someone else.
It did work and it was a lot of work.

The front pinion bearing hole in the case and the diff housing have to be machined.

I did this job 2 years ago maybe and it is still going.
Charlie, I did read this whole thread and in post #37 Jim S. states that he has NOT actually performed this modification.

Jim C,
Thank you for your post and the knowledge this has been done and works. I have a machine shop as well and can work the process as described by Jim S. but didn't want to spend the time or $$$ prototyping it without the sure knowledge it works. Thanks again

:thumbsup:OK, I have found a 3.37 R&P and another Audi 016 5N box and I will be modifying it this Winter so I'll keep you all up to date on how this all works out and how much time/$$$ it takes. As soon as I get to a point where I can take meaningful pictures I'll do it and get them on the forum. I will be taking my current 016 out when I'm done and performing the same mod on it and then it will be for sale if anyone needs an Audi 5N with 3.37:1 R&P. During this build I'm going to incorporate the 1/4" plate between the rear housing and cast iron gearbox housing so it should be as strong as a 016 can be. Wish me luck!
hi mark,
can you please send me a pick & any numbers or details of your audi 016 gearbox. i also have the same set-up but without the success, want to compare.
thanks, joe, cape town, south africa