Audi 2.7TDI transaxle

That 01E is a good find but keep in mind they suffer from pinion bearing problems, similar to the Porsche 968 gearbox. We have to replace about 80 percent of the pinion bearings in the 01E transmissions we overhaul. In fact of the few dozen I sold last year not one was in usable condition when we received it from our European suppliers.
At the risk of being banned on my first post, we use the 01X gearbox in a Lotus Esprit conversion we do where we fit the GM LS3 engine. We developed a new gearbox mounted starter motor which allowed us to use an 8mm thick adaptor plate, space is pretty tight in an Esprit. We use the GVD ratio set, which has a slightly longer 6th gear, but the GVC is the closest ratio set.
If you would like any more info please let me know.
Has anyone fitted a limited slip unit into the 01X

No body makes an LSD for the 01X.

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I've put a 944 LSD in an 016....not sure how different that might be. It wasn't difficult except for having to set the lateral clearance once new output bearing were installed. That took some work!
Who sells plate type lsd`s for 01E?

An 016 diff can be made to fit but requires a bit of modification to the diff and the transmission.

Wave trac makes a Torque biasing differential that is a direct fit.
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CAnt the same be done for the 01X?

01X diffs are not offered by anyone that I know of. The 016 diff won't work, it doesn't share any critical dimensions with the 01X.

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