Audi codes

Can anybody tell me what the code for the correct gearing would be for an Audi A4 trans. I know nothing about trans & gear ratios LSD etc. Just want to back up my Buick 215 putting out about 250 horse 5spd? 6spd? It's all a mystery to me LOL
Are you looking for a trans or just wanting confirmation on suitability. I have built two cars running Buick / Rover on Audi 012 trans and could give you those ratios if that helps.
The 5 speed is about the correct ratio as 1st gear is usable.
I'm just looking at alternative trans that work well with the Buick/Rover. Most that I see for Audi give the model of car A4 I'm not sure about 012 designation. I know the different letter codes are for gear ratios etc. What have you found that work well on the road for that engine/trans combo? As always linking two steps ahead of my self. To a possible Mclaren M1b they used the Traco Olds in.

Ian Anderson

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Diesel will generally Rev lower at the same road speed with everything else equal, so see if you can find one from a diesel

Thanks Paul I'll look them over & have a friend of mine look at them (he knows much more than me about gear ratios). A little confusing though. It looks like the codes are the same for different years etc but are different ratios?