Autonomous Racing Cars - Will Goodwood ever be the same?

Google pulled the self driving cars off the public streets for a reason (hint: accidents started happening). Somehow the missing element of human observation/intuition/reaction was a factor no doubt.

I was at a trade conference recently and a guy was giving a presentation and indicating we would all be riding in self driving cars by 2040. I certainly hope not.

Randy V

I didn’t know that Google had any that they pulled from the streets.
I live in AZ half the year and Uber had a fatality in Tempe (about 40 miles from me).. Waymo Autonomous (Google as I recall) was still operating, but Uber Autonomous cars were all pulled from the roads there.

Larry L.

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Great. We'll be able to watch COMPUTERS race each other. How thrilling. How exciting. How mesmerizing.
Pit stops should be even more so. And, as dull as the current post-race winning driver interviews are now, can you imaging the post-race interviews with winning computers?


Do you suppose 'Pace Computers' will replace today's Pace CARS...or will the cars just pace themselves? Will a computer 'master of ceremonies' (AKA: robot) be presiding over each of the various racing organization's end-of-year championship ceremonies?

Where will it all end?

(Call me Capt. Buzz Kill)

Randy V

.....and the winner taking a Victory lap complete with a burn-out in front of the grand stands - all the while playing its country’s national anthem!