Avon stops production.

Just got a notice from my tire suplier as he just got informed by Avon.
Avon stops making all tires and closses his facility in Melksham before the end of this year.
Its seems that race teams are already hoarding tires now as Avon is only producing batches now.
We want 13 inch soft slicks for sprint cars
I ordered the 245 50 13s ZZS as a replacement for the CR500. I might have to order an extra set now hoping there will be another batch.
According to the Uk salesman (to my Dutch supplier), 13" & 15" are low volume production batches now as its not a common size these days other then for historic races.
My ZZS took 5 weeks from order to delivery.
perhaps some "news3 to hike up prices? as it seems to be tue motorcycle division .......
What Ive heard, the competition range (CR500, CR6ZZ, ZZS) is also manufactured at that UK plant.
My source is my Dutch supplier who got confirmation by phone from Avon Uk this morning that my four ZZS 245 50 13's where on its way from the UK to Holland. They told him what was going on and was advised to take action if his clients needed more.

I ordered the ZZS to replace the CR500 which is a fabulous tire but lasts for about two years before it fully cracks by drying out by its rubber compound (3 sets of 4 tires gone now with enough meat left on them). Avon advised me the ZZS would last longer.


I have heard here that 13 inch rim size race tyres are being ceased by a lot of manufacturers! It is a very popular size in club racing here. Not Good news at all

James Carty

Just ordered a set of CR6ZZ for my car from Roger Kraus and they are already running low. Mentioned that Goodyear may start manufacturing a vintage tire.
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I do not understand. I paid $600 each for tyres and they can’t make money? People wait for their tyres and they can’t make money? Hmm something else is afoot
I hope that Goodyear does start making a vintage tire other than the billboards. Does anyone have any further information on this?

/s/ Chris Kennedy
Cooper owned Avon, now Goodyear owns Cooper.

the hope, that I've heard from more than one tyre distributor is that the Avons may continue to be produced but rebranded as Goodyear...speculation but from a reasonably reliable source.
No idea about timing though
I wouldn't mind "Avons" branded and labeled as "Goodyears". At least they would look more vintage appropriate. Hope this comes to fruition before I wear out the set I have!
Goodyear already owned Dunlop. Their purchase of Cooper (which owned Avon) spells major integration of product lines, brands, etc. This happened in 2021 so the news is old. In late 2022, Avon announced their tire plant in the UK will close sometime in 2023 (this year). Avon's profits are very small and have been shrinking for years. Avon motorsports in total is in question of existing after 2023. A lot of internal stuff must be going on with the consolidation of brands, etc. If you want Avon tires, buy them now cause the future is very uncertain!