Batch of Audi 01E 6 speeds

Hi all,

I've been offered a batch of 6 brand new Audi 6 speed transaxles, but, not sure if the ratios etc are suitable, i've seen so many comments about ratios in build diaries i've read on here, i'm nervous about buying them if they are going to be wrong.

The details given to me are below, any one got an opinion on whether they are any good or not?

01E 300 044 B

Gear Ratio
1 3.5
2 1.889
3 1.231
4 0.871
5 0.667
6 0.561

Final Drive Ratio 3.87:1

I have attached a spreadsheet that Mark Worthington posted some years ago.

Your ratios correspond to FRG and GAZ (presumably on the casing somewhere). They have a numerically high final drive ratio for good off-the-line acceleration and tall fifth and sixth gears for comfortable cruising and a high top speed (230 mpg if you will ever use it). The only criticism is that first gear doesn't go very far but this is a criticism of all the Audi boxes.

Looks good to me.


Thanks for the input, very helpful.

Hi Joz,

I haven't really thought about that at the moment, I need a couple for cars i'm building and customer builds so my focus was on getting some for those projects then worrying about selling the spares on after.

Drop me a message and i'll figure something out.