Building a GT40 in a virtual environment.

Good day!
Thank you all for appreciating my work. I will try to work with an even higher level of skill. As always lacking some information on the size of parts, just as I will update the information I will continue to work.
Thanks to all
Hi Boris, the original GT40 seats were much different. More like a cover over a metal frame (see pic). I can get some custom built seats lijke you can see at the pic- all I know right now is they are about 45cm wide, but I decided to go with Porsche 914 seats.
Here is also some information about the audi gearbox. When I have one I will send you more concrete details.


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Hi all need help.
Ready to start designing the suspension of our GT40 but we can not do this because they do not siting options wheels.
We plan to put the radius of 15 and a width of 9.5 front 12 rear
The front hub of the Mustang.
In this image dimensions unknown to us without them we can not then proceed with the work on the project!

Hi Boris

wheels frontspacing and backspacing pretty much depends on the setup of your suspension and the width of the car body itself. The lug pattern is mostly 5x112mm if you use Ford Granada or Scorpio hubs, the size of the studs is 12mm. For the Mustang I unfortunately don't know. Here is some helpful information about calculating the wheels.


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Boris - nice work here..

You may want to visit my build site for more G50 and adapter reference as well as starter motor orientation..

I really like what you've done here..
Thank you, Randy! Thank you for appreciating my modest work!
On your website I occasionally look down! Great job!

This is really cool Boris!
I wanted to do the same thing (I model in solidworks and NX) but it seems like its impossible to get measurements.
How did you do it? Just from looking at photographs??