Building a GT40 in a virtual environment.

Good day project paused.
GT40 work on it will continue when we have more free time.
A lot of work on major projects.
Regards Andrew.
Thank you Jordan!
Work is very difficult construction work surfaces requires strong skills and experience. Of course I studied thousands of photos. Set of comments. Communicated with the owners. And had an incredible passion to finish this thing.
Here a more detailed way.
Hi Boris,

I have been away from the site for quite a while. I am very happy to see you started a build thread here for your work! You couldn't keep it hidden forever!

Jordan, if you are determined enough, any modern CAD system will allow you to build this stuff to incredible precision just with a bunch of pictures and a lot of time and willpower! Boris didn't post a lot of his 'starting' model pictures here, but you start with flat-on side and top profiles, lay down some guide curves, and go from there. It's fascinating to watch the progression of the first few layers of the work.