Bundle of snakes headers zf or Audi

Does anyone know if the bundle of snakes headers built for an Audi trans will fit over a zf trans.
I have a 302 and want to use cav built headers for an Audi setup for my zf trans setup on my 302.

Anyone ?

Uh...the headers attach to the engine. :laugh:

Seriously, I can't imagine that there would be any substantive difference between the ZF and Audi gearboxes with respect to intrusion from the headers? The supports for the mufflers might have to change of course, but that's simple fabrication work. The actual architecture of the headers is primarily dictated by the engine, suspension (swaybar configuration) and bodywork.

Or am I missing something?


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At one point I purchased a set of CAV headers to fit to my KVA as part of what was to be a switch from a Porsche transaxle to a ZF. What I found was a) the crossmember between suspension was in the way b) engine in my KVA was obviously positioned higher than in a CAV so the rear clip would not close. It was going to be a major surgery to drop the engine and ZF, so that idea died, but in principal the CAV headers fitted the 302/ZF combination, just check geometry for any crossmember support or sway bar.


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When I built my one-eighties, I found the 930 clutch slave cylinder to be an issue that didn't exist with the Audi box. In your case, I'm guessing the bellhousing area is less intrusive on the ZF, than the more sloping Audi box (again, dependent on where and how tight the headers follow the pieces). Is it inverted? This changes things a lot as well.
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Funny mike,
One would think that the headers would be the same for both. I guess I will just have to see. I'm assuming the angle over the cross support would be the biggest issue because either setup will still be made to come out the back of the body work at the same spot. Does anyone know if a zf gearbox is taller at the bell housing then an audi ? If the Audi is taller then no issues no ?

Thanks guys
The level of the output flanges is below the input shaft on the Audi 01E and above on the ZF, this means with the ZF the engine can sit lower in the car and I *think* the ZF will be taller than the Audi


I swapped out an Audi box for a ZF. It required that the headers be replaced.

The engine sets at a different level with the two trannys. The Audi headers angled down at a sharper angle.

Both sets of headers with both transmissions can be seen on my build blog.

My experience is with an RCR. Perhaps there are "universal" headers that will go with any transmission regardless of engine height.