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We are proud to have our first Sponsoring Vendor that deals with transaxles, one of the most discussed topics on the forum. CMS deals in Porsche transaxles and some information about the company and pictures follow:

California Motorsports is a family owned and operated business comprised of a dedicated group of Porsche enthusiasts offering the finest parts, services and complete gearboxes for Porsches and Kit Cars that use them. We know and understand these transaxles intimately and have over 50 years of combined experience and expertise in rebuilding, modifying and adapting them. Most importantly we are most knowledgeable and have the most popular Porsche transaxles and parts in stock for V8 mid-engine applications from mild to wild, street or race.

"CMS" only promotes the best quality components and we stand behind our products and services 100%. We use no seconds, no drops and no junk, no BS for our rebuilds. Our availability is good and our turnaround time normally expedient as we stock all of the parts we both use and sell. We also manufacture or have manufactured many of our own products from gears to limited slip differentials. All work is performed in house in a very clean and organized environment. Our philosophy is simple - to offer you the client the best quality product and service for your specific use and at a fair price for your hard earned dollars. We are only satisfied if you are and guarantee it.

Sincerely, Roger Brown
California Motorsports - Porsche transaxles, gears, differentials, parts and service



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Roger, welcome! That sure is a nice transaxle in that first pic :)
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