Calling Old Members

I still consider this one my fav. forum ever. The level of discussion was always very high and no fights at all. this is nearly impossible in social networks today.
personally, I gave up a little with the dream to own a gt40, for personal issues have other priority and honestly, all my model world is FULL of the nicest gt40s I've ever seen in scale (mines, and in MY showcases. Just recently I finished my 1083, approved in the shape done by my hands from the head designer of Peugeot and lambo..:) little BIG personal satisfaction).
The tragedy happened some years ago to Tom schwalbe made me think about the possibility to use a gt40 on ordinary roads. at today I Was lucky to drive some masterpieces, as Maserati gt, some vette and many 911 of all generation (that still at today is my fav car..blasphemy here, i know).

Just recently i keep in touch to an Italian guy, Nicola, maybe user also in this forum, that made the nicest tornado I've ever seen (high level in all details, 302, ida48...special super wheels) and he wants an 1/12 model of his car, done by me.

Still today, because of all you guys :) my modeling name is and always will be Lovegt40 Modelworks :) The passion is still burning.