Can Am M1 - the last one ...

Those uprights are real nice, you say "twin roller ball bearings" are they a "roller" or a double row "ball"?? They look similar to what mine do but mine are "Angular contact" which are good for side loading. Loving this build I need to get back to mine.

Cheers Leon
Leon - yes you are right these are double roll bearings to take the side loads.
Looking forward to see an update on your M20 - very interesting build which will look really great
@ Peter - many thanks for positive comments - I guess thats the reward side of it after all the learnings and pitfalls ......

@ Rod the rack for our car is made by Titan

Enclosed a couple of engine pics. We designed the exhaust manifold with the primaries all within 1 mm length. The intake is also ours and the brackets with the race alternator to give a tight fit. Valve covers and valley plate are just back from powdercoating in black satin and I will post some pics of the final engine. Drivetrain for the new M6 car will take a lot of learning from this engine with changes on the peripherie. Anyway that will be a seperate thread one day ...


That would have to be the cleanest, tidiest, best looking set of do you get them so accurate in bends and form, left and right sets? That`s way beyond any amateur work.
Everything is just perfect.
Keep up the good work.
Many thanks for the positive comments on the headers - more than I derserve .... I design the tubes in CAD and have a Special company which can mandrel bend the headers for the left and right side with the tubes in one piece - so no gas disturbance by any welds - they actually have 2 machines - a left and a right bending one which is rare. If you need anything let me know - perhaps I can help and make a couple of sets for those interested