Carbon GT mono

Well done !!
Very agressive indeed !
Finally you succeed in doing such a scheme paint instade of let her in carbon fiber and gloss finisch !!

Bravo , congrats
So here I was trying to do some research about suspension and brakes when I stumbled across this thread. It ended up taking some 4 hours of my evening and made my wife miserable. But it was worth it :D

All I can say is, this car is a work of art and you are an artist. Every single bit is stunning but the frame and bodywork are absolutely amazing. It deserves a museum to be built around it.

My hat's off to you and your team.

hi Urs,
Well done, love the new proportions, it is hard to improve the gt40 but for sure you succeeded. I prefer your body style compared to the new gt40. Well done.


Thanks for the compliments :)
Was a really long way until now.
Without My father who did statics, electronics and engine mount and my mother which helped all the time with laminating the carbon parts and also the help from here it wouldnt get finished.:thumbsup:
We had a little leak on the aviaid oilpan sealing and the roush motor control unit .The control unit gave no injection to number two , the exhaust colour did not change and it only get warm not hot.
Here some pictures from milling the spoiler negative.

Have a nice week and greetings from switzerland




Now we do the next modification, we build the oilpan for the drysump in carbonfibre .
We were on the search for the oil leak, and we found an uneven part at the sealing. And we thought the oilpan could also be lighter. thats the next try and i hope no error.
Then we can also fix the problem that we dont have to remove the starter for removing the oilpan. When the engine is in the car.
Now fresh out of the molds . The weight is 500 gramms without fittings . The original is 6 kg.
Greetings from switzerland
thanks urs to Show us how easy it could be if know what to do right,.....i am faszinated about your ideas and craftsmanship,....realy realy good Job you do,..
ernst vienna


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Nice work as usual. Just wondering what resin system/matrix material you selected for the oil pan given the operating temperature and hot oil. Will the interior be coated?



Thanks :)

@ Kelly
we took Epoxyd Resin L and Hardener L that should take higher temperatures.
the original aviaid pan is 6kg and the carbon pan with all inserts like in the aviaid pan is 1.2 kg

We also weighed the car and its now without fuel 912kg.

A little more than we hoped, but for the next one i think we can get under 900.

greetings from switzerland



Hello Together :)

last weeks we mounted some airjacks, it was a little difficult with the space for mounting....
here a video:

And yesterday we also did a test ride....... only to the third gear.....
it goes like a rocket...
here also two videos:

That was really a lot of fun... next stop racetrack.

And again a big Thank you for the help from the forum.

greetings from switzerland

Brian Kissel

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Nice videos Urs. That is one awesome looking car. It looks like it runs as good as it looks.
Congrats !!!
Regards Brian