Carbon GT mono


Now we started with the build of a carbon mono of a gt.It s a great challenge !I hope we could do it to the end!
We start with the forms of the bottom and the tank Radius.


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I like this thread already! Where do I send my deposit cheque for the second tub out of the molds?

All the best,



we are happy when we can get one out of the molds!!there are a lot of things to do and to know.When it s unusable for a gt40 then we use it for a plane;)
but i will call you back.

Russ Noble

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This is going to be one helluva interesting build!

Be sure to keep us posted with pics, and detail the problems you have to overcome, and the factors you have to take into account as the build progresses.

Good luck with this project, I'm sure many of us will be following it avidly.



we laminated an vacumed the Bottom of the car .Today i removed plastics and so
and there was a nice picture to see.


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Doc Watson

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A good start... looks like your using carbon/kevlar weave, how many layers? and are you using epoxy resin? do you have a sketch of all the components? and how will they be attached to each other? If I had the time/money and knowledge then I would love to do what your doing hence the questions as my limit on using CF is for wing spars in RC models. And remember if all else fails.... anything with a big enough engine will fly ;-)

Good luck with the build.



Now i turned the bottom.
We have until now on the under side from sandvich away 4 diagonal uni layers 2 uni on length and two uni from site to side,one Kevlar layer and only on the tanks carbon kevlar with possibility to let it be visible.
on the inner side of the sandvich we have only 2 layers now.
now i build up with plywood.


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a car sampler who buys two planes from us he also has 3 Zondas he wants a carbon mono now we first have to build something that brings money;)
What do you think about a carbon mono?


Now some new pictures
we ordered a roush 427 IR and we are on the waiting list for a ZFQ
And im in helpful contacts for suspension searching also engine measurings to get forward with the engine cutout in the rear.


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Randy V

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Suspension attachment points will be really interesting with this project!

Keep up the good work!


Now i had a short brake in bulding the mono.
We get a little daughter:D 3 weeks ago ! now i had a short baby brake

Yesterday we get the engine from Roush
It s a 427 IR and it s a real masterpiece.And it s amazing what you get for the price.
Today i place the bulkhead in the chassis and i laminate the inner side of watercooler pipe tunnel.Now we have to build the hinge points for the engine and the hinge points for the suspension tubes at the bulkhead.
The parts from Fran are also on the way :)Thank you!!


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