Chevron B16 Replica

David one thing. I'm not sure if you've gotten that far yet. But do you have any info on the door hinges? I was looking through a bunch of B16 pix on line. I noticed how the doors hinge along the widow /windshied angle. I'd like to do something like that with my Lotus. It has a good angle at that juncture. I'll cut off the front part of the door below the fender line & glass it in.

Thanks Mike S
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Here is a picture of the outer hindge .025" threaded spherical joint with locknut mounted in a plate. An eye mounted in the roof attached to the window support hoop glassed into the upper window opening. There are two braces welded on to this hoop and glassed into the cockpit section for the lower hindge. I have other pictures of the whole thing I can add later when I find them. I dont think this setup would work on the Europa.


The first pic. I understand & is prety straigt forward. The second one I'm not exactly sure what or where I'm looking at. But as for the Europa. I plan to cut the door straight down (or at a curve back) where it makes the squarish forward area. so in contour the forward edge of the door would be very much like yours. I never liked the way the doors were hinged (this is my second Europa). The other way I've been playing with. Is to do a set up more like the "Lamborgini" doors. It would have to open conventionally a few inches, then pivot forwards over the fenders. Either way I'll certainly need to put some type of steel frame work in to hold the weight of the doors. Especially if I leave the electric windows in place.
Mike S
On the brace in the second picture a threaded piece or bolt goes through to which a second spherical joint attaches. It mounted on a curved tube piece attached to middle of the door. A small tube at the end of the bend holds the spherical joint. The tube is 90 Deg to the bend. I hope this helps a bit I still have more but I have to find them.


Hi Mark
The picture is actually taken in our living room and yes she is wonder full since 2010 we have got 3 more kids 2 twin boys 20100722 and a girl 20110721 s totally we now have 10 6 boys 4 girls
it takes a bit of my time!!!!!!! hahaha
Smaller? Really the T-70 Mk-2 had a wheel base length of 95" if I temember your's is longer? I was very surprised when I looked up the figgures on the T-70. My Lotus Europa is longer & wider but it shure doesn't look like it. John Coombs T70 sure seemed like a much bigger car. Have you gotten any more progress? Or has it still been too cold to get much done? Love to see some pix. of how far you've gotten.
Mike S
Here is a picture of the garage:thumbsup:
All the best will add some picture of the B16 priject later on

hpe it has been attached now
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Mike P what has happened with your B-16? You posted a couple of times & teased us then nothing? You should start your own thread on your car (with pictures of course )
Hi There every body I have had alot at work to get next step to be an supervisor(career)and still working with my garage when I got the time will take some photos and upload them any progress on your project Dave?
Hi guys,
Soon to be back working on the car. Bought a house with a great big shop at the back in Northern Ontario on Georgian Bay. Will be moving in mid Nov. All my junk will be there instead of in storage. Will keep you updated when start happening.